Christmas Lights Installation

A string of lights, no matter the occasion, can put a touch of magic in the air. This Christmas, make the occasion more magical and splendid with well-placed Christmas lights.

  • Site Visit and Design Consultation: Whether you want something festive or romantic, or something in between, our creative team will work out one that reflects your style. For solid planning, we’ll set a date with you for a design consultation and a site visit.
  • Ultimate holiday cheer and curb appeal: Aiming to not only send out good holiday vibes but also add curb appeal to your property, we highlight your property’s best features. We employ a handsome combination of Christmas lighting on ridges or facias, mini lights on windows, branch wraps on trees and shrubs, and stake lighting on the base for a grounding effect.
  • Safe and sound installation: With a trained crew working on the project, your Christmas lights are sure to be a visual treat with no hassles attached. No more dangerously going up roofs and trees by yourself. And no substandard lighting or poor installations that put your property at risk.
  • Stress-free maintenance and takedown: If for any reason, a bulb needs repairing or replacing, you can also count on us to handle maintenance work. And post-celebration, you need not worry about taking down the Christmas light setup as we’ll take care of that, too.

Enjoy our gift of hassle-free Christmas light installation today! And if you want a Christmas look that you can enjoy not only by night but also during the day, we can arrange that for you, too. Schedule an appointment with us today!