5 Things to Consider Before You Propose

Wow, you’ve finally decided to pop the big question! Regardless if you’ve been together for years or just a few months, when you know, you know. Now that you know you’ve found THE ONE, it’s time to think about the proposal. It can be as simple as you asking the question at home or in the car, or as elaborate as a full family gathering with a flash mob. Before you go through with your special day, make sure you have all your bases covered.

Here are some things to consider before you ask the question. Take your time, remember this moment will change your lives forever. Make it count.

  1. Are you in sync when it comes to marriage?

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Proposals are meant to be a wonderful surprise but before you ask the question, make sure the both of you are ready for the commitment that follows. If you’ve come to the point of wanting to settle down, you should have talked about this with your partner as well. Both of you should want to get married and see this as part of your future.

  1. Let her loved ones know

Depending on your partner’s relationship with her family, you can let them know about the proposal beforehand as a sign of respect. This also solidifies your relationship with them, you will be part of their family soon enough. Also, you can choose one or two of her closest friends to talk to regarding your plans to go down on one knee. Not only will these people be able to help you plan out the proposal, but they can also help set up the big surprise, and let you know about her ring size or her preferred ring design.

  1. Buy the Engagement Piece

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to get an engagement ring. It depends on how well you know your partner. Would he or she prefer a ring or a watch? Maybe you don’t need a token at all. Your relationship is unique to the two of you. Choose an engagement piece that truly captures your love for each other. If it’s a ring, go buy it! Here’s where you can get help from loved ones.

Choosing the right ring, watch or token can be overwhelming. Friends or family can help you with your choices. If you’re getting an engagement ring, choose a trusted jeweler. Regardless of your budget, make sure you spend it on a quality piece that will last a lifetime. Don’t stress about ring size too much, always remember that you can have it resized anyway.

  1. Make sure it’s meaningful

You can practice a speech over and over but trust us when we say that you’re probably going to fumble your script anyway. Again, you know your partner the best. Consider their personality and what’s important to them when planning your proposal. Is your partner the type to want a public engagement with friends and family or would he or she rather a quiet secluded place with just the two of you?

It’s important to go for what works best for both of you. Don’t strive to please anybody else. There should be no pressure to impress anyone but the love of your life. A meaningful proposal is something you’ll remember for years to come.

  1. Consider documenting your special day

Photos and videos are good memorabilia to keep and look back on. We highly recommend this. You can hire a professional or ask a good friend to take these shots for you. You’ll be thanking yourself for making this decision. Treat your proposal as a most memorable occasion just like your upcoming wedding.

Congratulations on deciding to take the plunge. We hope this short article helped make your planning easier!

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