From photo booths to ceremony arches, copper arches are beautiful and simplistic pieces that are made for decorating.

Nothing matches a copper arch better than stunning floral arrangements.  Floral arrangements are unique and can tie together the simplistic copper arches and the theme of your special day.

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Here are 8  beautiful ideas for floral arrangements using copper arches.

1. Wonderful White Arrangement

Image: – Arches and Chuppah 

This beautiful green and white floral arrangement is perfect layed upon the corner of a copper arch.  The white from the roses and accent flowers contrasts the richj copper colour allowing for a beautiful blend of colours and textures.  Accented with the pop of pink colour ties together this look perfectly.  This exact arch available at VintageBASH.

2.  Colourful Roses

Image: Pinterest @PristineFloral

Pink and purple roses are probably what every little girl thinks of when she pictures her future wedding day! These beautiful roses in the shades of this pink and purple pallet softly compliment each other and come together in one wonderful arrangement.

3. Pink Party


Pink flowers are always a big yes! Between the beautiful blush pink flowers and leaves on this thick arrangement covering the entire arch, this arrangement is sure to make a lasting impression on all of your guests.  Full coverage floral arrangements for any arch are a bold and beautiful statement piece that will stand out from miles away.

4. Dramatic Fall Arrangement

Image: Instagram @vesselflorals

The warm colours of fall are always here to make everyone feel comfortable and cozy.  The topes and brown shades intertwined within this large floral arrangement compliment the multitude of shades of pink l on this beautifully detailed arrangement.

5. Horizontal Dangling Greenery


This piece leaves a beautifully symmetrical design, perfect for any arch.  This arrangement screams picture perfect and is ideal for arches being used as a backdrops for photo booths.  The dense greenery detailed with light pink floral accent pieces makes a perfectly soft and romantic arrangement.

6. The Floral Backdrop

Image: Instagram @nectar_and_bloom

Is this a floral arrangement or a backdrop? Why not both? This elegant and fun piece uses a variety  dried leaves to create fan like accent pieces to design a backdrop.  This piece is wonderfully accented with pink flowers and is the ideal arrangement for photo booth backdrops.

7. Tropical Accents

Image: by PishPoshLove

Summer wedding? No problem! This extremely fun floral arrangement screams destination wedding.  Big, beautiful, exotic, green leaves decorated with fuchsia exotic flowers gives a fun twist to a traditional piece and allows for a wonderful tropical theme to come trough.

8. Cherry Blossom Fever


Cherry blossoms are always a beautiful symbol of romance.  This floral accent piece is a full coverage piece thats detail cannot be missed.  This show stopping piece is the perfect arch to say “I Do” under.

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