10 Best Corporate Catering Companies in Toronto (Ontario)

Corporate catering is a no-brainer. It is after all about serving food to a large set of people who are always talking shop and business. This is a must for big company gatherings and it is of utmost importance that the right cuisine goes hand in hand with the theme of the office’s event. Whether it’s canapes or a big sit-down for lunch meetings. Here at VintageBash, we have compiled the 10 most reputable catering companies you can trust to serve up a feast for that next big proposal meeting.

1. KACE Catering

There’s no doubt that KACE Catering is one of the most trusted vendors known to provide amazing food for any event or function. They are a flexible company that offers a variety of food choices whether it’s for in-office catering or for an important corporate event. KACE Catering services include staffing, rentals, catering, and boxed meals that result in an unparalleled dining experience. They also have COVID-19 specific services that can accommodate virtual events or meetings. Whatever you need, they will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

Website: https://www.kacecatering.com/
Address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 12, North York, ON M3K1Z9

2. Noushe

Noushe Jan in Persian means “May it nourish your soul.”This is what Chef Iman, the founder has kept in mind, giving bountiful food and presenting the vibrancy of Persian hospitality. Since its inception in 2015, Noushe has offered full-range catering services that delve into creating personalized culinary experiences that are influenced by the rich and decadent history of Persian cuisine. Iman constantly strives to create new menus that introduce the food that he grew up with to a wider audience.

Website: noushe.com
Address:200 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A 2L1, Canada

3. Decadent Catering & Fine Foods Inc

Decadent Catering takes their catering game seriously, they have one mission: and that is to provide the Greater Toronto Area with unique and customized Hors D’oueuvres, buffets of varying cuisines, whilst also providing a feast for the eyes and five-star quality food.  Decadent catering makes sure to provide and create the client’s vision to full fruition on their time and budget.

Website: decadentcatering.ca
Address: 90 Northline Rd #10, Toronto, ON M4B 3E5, Canada

4. Eatertainment Hospitality Inc.

Ever since 1981, Eatertainment Hospitality’s reputation as one of Canada’s leading catering companies has never faltered, they have been honing their craft as a portfolio for concept restaurants while also establishing their roots in the industry with their upscale catering and events management services in Toronto.

Website: eatertainment.com
Address:9 Booth Ave #100, Toronto, ON M4M 2M3, Canada

5. Kiss The Cook Catering

As one of Toronto’s premier caterers, Kiss the Cook Catering strives to provide custom food, drinks, and exceptional services to execute the perfect event. Their team of professionals ensures that when it comes to planning decadent and memorable occasions that would last a lifetime, especially when it comes to weddings, receptions, baptisms, birthdays, corporate events, and others. Kiss the Cook Catering also handles booking, rentals, entertainment, and decor to lessen the hassle of planning events for you, so you can enjoy your special day.

Website: kissthecookcatering.com
Address:2490 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1N 1V3, Canada

6. Yummy Catering

Yummy Catering’s philosophy is centered on providing nutritious and well-balanced meals that are in tune with the client’s specific needs and wants, being in the industry for several years, they have provided the Greater Toronto Area with their catering services for events and centers that often request for a custom-fitted catering plan that ensures that clients will get their specific dietary requirements or restrictions.

Website: www.yummycatering.ca
Address:1444 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M6P 4H3, Canada

7. Corporate Crazy Catering

When it comes to executing the know-how of catering for corporate events, this catering firm has it in the bag. Corporate Crazy Catering customizes its menus to the client’s needs and preferences while also creating healthy and tasty food for a diverse set of palates.

Website: crazycatering.ca
Address: 333 Evans Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M8Z 1K2, Canada

8.Chef Revolution

Chef Gabe is a classically-trained chef from Ghana who found his love for food cooking alongside his mum in their home kitchen.

Chef revolution is conceived by Gabe’s passion for food and his willingness to share his expertise when it comes to creating gastronomical dishes for others. His main goal is to build upon a memorable culinary experience by bringing high-quality nutritious food at home or the workplace. As a chef, Gabe gets his experience from traveling to tropical destinations that inspire the way he builds an inspired dish stemming from local ingredients and cultural roots.  He places major emphasis on eating healthy and nourishing meals that are focused on healthy substitutions that ensure his clients will get nothing but the best quality.

Website: chefrevolution.ca
Address:900 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4P 3J9, Canada

9. Tasty Solutions

Tasty Solutions Toronto’s culinary foundation stems from Chef Andre’s early childhood memories, his love for cooking has evolved over the past 14 years as a professional chef. Now, with his experience, he has professionally catered for discerning clients and celebrities at their private events which allows him to share his love for food with others.

Address: 295 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 0L4, Canada


When it comes to Italian food, Cucina Mauro Catering goes all out to produce high-quality Mediterranean cuisine from scratch. Mauro’s Catering uses decades-old recipes that were created by the family but catered for you, the client to enjoy at your own home, business, or event to take-outs from their kitchen cafe and market.

Website: cucinamauro.com
Address: 76 Densley Ave Unit 3 (facing, Sheffield St, Toronto, ON M6M 2R3, Canada

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