15+ Best Corporate Event Planners in Toronto

Are you planning an event for the office? No need to stress over details and go over the tedious planning process alone because there are a couple of event planners in the area to help you. To save time from the time-consuming search, we listed 15+ Best Corporate Event Planners in Toronto you can check out and see if they’re a great fit for the brand.

15+ Best Corporate Event Planners in Toronto

1. VintageBash

VintageBash near Pickering

VintageBash wows us not only with their event planning skills but also through their impressively wide collection of decorations and furniture you can rent. Allowing you to bring your vision to life, they can help plan and execute so you can focus on the important stuff.

2. WildBash Events

floralbash flowers toronto 474 scaled 15+ Best Corporate Event Planners in Toronto

Working with various clients and events, WildBash Events boasts of their flexibility. They ensure that every event they help execute exceeds the expectations of their clients. Furthermore, they are also reliable with schedules so you won’t need to micro-manage them. True professionals, you can rely on them, especially for corporate events where time is money.

3. Had Too Have Moments

Working their best to understand the brand story and objective, Had Too Have Moments is one of the best corporate event planners you can work with in Toronto. They are extremely hands-on and they can help you with planning and coordination. If needed, they can also decorate too!

4. Fusion Events

Helping with offline and virtual events, Fusion Events cater to specific corporate event preferences and help to map out a program that’s beneficial towards the brand. They pay attention to details and craft an experience that stands out and stays memorable to their guests.

5. Debonair Corporate Events

Debonair Gala Event Designers in Toronto

Debonair Corporate Events help brands to set objectives and plan how to execute this through events. From internal events such as thanksgiving, conference meetings, and others, they sure can help craft a productive space for the employees. At the same time, they also help design external events that are directed towards the customers.

6. Pop Events

Helping brands through brand activations and promotions, Pop Events go the extra mile and come up with appealing setups that benefit the brand. Moreover, they also help with experiential marketing initiatives as well as digital events.

7. Go Speak Easy

Go Speak Easy is one of the best corporate event planners you can work with within the city. They are a full-scale marketing agency so you can also work with them in terms of content creation and promotion for the said event. Additionally, they also worked with several big brands in the past which sets them higher up the recommendation list.

8. E=mc2 Events

EMC2 Corporate Event Planners

With 21 years of amazing track record, E=mc2 Events has worked around the globe. They produce 3,000+ events for different brands locally in Canada and worldwide. Moreover, this allowed them to gain insight into various brands and craft best practices to benefit their future clients too.

9. Pink Media

Pink Media has an impressive roster of clients they worked with in the past. They help primarily with brand activations and experiential marketing which helps these businesses achieve their desired result. Be it to generate awareness or sales, they sure know best how to help you.

10. Event 2 Event

Dedicated to bringing ideas to life, Event 2 Event is a reliable corporate event planner you can work with in Toronto. They work with various types of events and ensure to craft something unique and remarkable for the brand. Moreover, they take into consideration the brand core and ensure that their clients get the best of what they invested in.

11. Inspire

Inspire Corporate Event Planners

Aiming to tell stories through events, Inspire is a good company to work with for corporate events. They have an impressive team who can help you execute a sophisticated and elegant event that’s best for luxurious brands. Furthermore, they also extend consultations when needed to brands.

12. Bisous Events

Mainly catering to weddings and social events, Bisous Events has an amazing team you would want to work with. They are passionate about what they do and it’s shown through their high-quality work. More than planning, they also extend assistance in coordination and design too.

13. Mad Bash

Curating exceptional events for their clients, Mad Bash pays extra attention to detailing and ensures to deliver what’s expected from them and beyond. They have several packages you can explore and see if you find something relevant. But in any case, personalized events are also good to plan with them too.

14. RSG Events

RSG Corporate Event Planners

Boasting of their 20 years of exposure in the industry, RSG Events is a good company to work with in corporate events. They hosted many over the years and they sure can apply things they learned to keep things running as smoothly as possible for you. Besides this, they can also make the whole process enjoyable for your team too.

15. Pure AV

Helpful with large-scale events, Pure AV is got your back. They can help brands plan and produce large corporate events such as concerts, launches, and conferences. Surely, they also have the equipment you can rent so you won’t need to worry too much about the big day.


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