‘Tis truly is the perfect season to host corporate events. From thanksgiving events to early corporate planning for the next year, companies are seemingly in the mood for some fun. Let’s anticipate the achievement of the corporate annual goals and work with any of these 15+ Best Corporate Event Planning & Production Agencies in Toronto.

15+ Best Corporate Event Planning & Production Agencies in Toronto

1. VintageBash

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Wow yourselves with VintageBash’s impressively productive and professional team that can help you plan and execute your firm’s corporate event. Furthermore, they are also well-connected with other vendors so working with them will be truly a breeze.

2. WildBash Events

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With a sophisticated flair in execution, WildBash Events is a good corporate event planning and production company you can consider. They work well with luxurious and premium brands. Moreover, they can accommodate indoor and outdoor events — the team will whip up the best possible event for the client.

3. Fusion Events

Fusion Events work hard to understand its clients and help them bring to life their visions. Not only accommodate corporate events, but they also help with seasonal brand activations or experiential marketing activities. Their services allow clients to choose whether they prefer to do it virtually, offline, or a hybrid of both.

4. Tigris Events

Leaning more toward experiential marketing efforts, Tigris Events work with the set company objectives for the event and then crafts the program to help the achievement of the desired result. More than planning and event design, they also help with staffing, sourcing, and promoting the event.

5. POP Events

Pop Events Brand Activation Toronto

Make any event your company host truly pop and leave a mark on its attendees with the help of POP Events. They accommodate various events that include both internal and external activities. Surely, your team would appreciate a well-executed team building, meetings, or even a thanksgiving celebration.

6. KSA Toronto

With 30 years of experience in their belt, KSA Toronto is one of Toronto’s finest corporate event planning and production companies to work with. They aim to plan and execute events that are aligned with the brand’s vision and help them get their desired results.

7. Concierge Club

The Concierge Club wows us with their elaborate services that are directed to help luxurious brands increase their brand presence. More than events, they also take on brand activations, exhibits, meetings, and other formats their clients need.

8. Pink Media

Pink Media Corporate Event Planning & Production Agencies in Toronto

Pink Media has quite an impressive track record in the event planning industry. They worked with various clients over the years and continuously grew their clientele to 80+. Besides corporate events, they also extend full-service event execution for social gatherings too.

9. Stori Events

With their name, Stori Events place value on storytelling. They get to know their brand clients first and plan a communication strategy that communicates their purpose, mission, and vision. This allowed them to craft personalized and heartwarming events for their clients.

10. Yellow House

Focusing more on innovative and avante-garde events, Yellow House helps brands stand out from the already saturated market. They come up with unique executions that leave an impact on the audience. Furthermore, they can help with corporate events such as activations, celebrations, and even virtual events.

11. Redstone

Redstone Corporate Event Planning & Production Agencies in Toronto

Aligning corporate values, Redstone highlights the production of non-profit and corporate events. They help with planning and producing a full-pledged event that’s aligned with corporate goals. Leaving an impact on the community, they ensure that the values and communication strategy is embedded into every detail.

12. Art of Celebrations

Art of Celebrations is another good event-planning company in the city. They are known for social event planning like birthdays, galas, and weddings but they also extend their services to corporate clients. Moreover, their sophisticated touch led them to attract luxurious and prestigious brand clients over the years.

13. SJ Soiree

Have a great time and never worry again with SJ Soiree. Their team is extremely professional and they ensure all the events they host are done impressively and impactfully. Furthermore, they are also awarded by the industry award-giving bodies because of their exemplary services in the past.

14. Fervent Events

Fervent Corporate Event Planning & Production Agencies in Toronto

One of the best corporate event planning and production companies in Toronto, Fervent Events got your back. They focus on helping brands come up with and execute experiential marketing initiatives that help their clients achieve their goals. Moreover, they extend assistance in staffing, pop-up decorating and design, and others.

15. Muse Events

Muse Events is a company dedicated to helping couples have the wedding of their dreams. Their sophisticated style easily put them one of the most-preferred stylists by luxurious brands. They worked with product launches, corporate events and meetings, and other formats in the past.


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