VintageBASH COVID-19 Protocol Update

Last Updated: Feb 2, 2021

In an effort to protect our customers and team members from social interaction during this sensitive time, we’ve implemented some temporary changes to best respond to the current situation:

  • We are still accepting bookings online. We offer curbside pickup or contactless delivery.
  • For packages designed for micro weddings & backyard weddings, click here.
  • Inquiries & Bookings: We will continue to operate online and phone from Monday to Friday 11AM-4PM.
    • The best way to connect with us is through email so we have everything in writing. Our usual response time is between 1-3 business days.
    • All postponed or cancelled events are processed via email only. We have a team that is dedicated for this area and everything must be in writing for future references.
    • Orders can be processed online from consultation to booking. You can either create an online quote via our website (rentals > select your item > add to quote) or go to our contact page to get in touch.
  • Delivery & Pickup Services:
    • If you need our delivery services, we may be able to accommodate as long as we are able to apply our Socially Distanced Deliveries & Setup Procedure.
    • If you need to pick up your items from our office, we will arrange a specific pick up time and you can pick up your items at our lobby area (without physical contacts). Please bring gloves for double protection.
  • Appointments – we have two safe options for you:
    • Video or Phone Call Appointment: We can set an appointment and discuss details over Skype, FaceTime, or over the phone. Please click here to book an appointment.

We will closely monitor this evolving situation and are basing our decisions on recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada and relevant local authorities. We thank you for your understanding as we navigate this situation with caution.

Kindest Regards,

VintageBASH Team