8 Best Places for Decadent Dessert Platters in Toronto and GTA

Sweets are best known for triggering happy hormones. That’s why a lot of heartbroken girls tend to crave a decadent dessert. Platters of cookies, chocolates or fruits for the health-conscious, a tub of ice cream and other food items overflowing with sweetness are easy to find all over Toronto. But if you are about to express your feelings to someone, you might want to consider gifting an extraordinary, fancy box of desserts.

With the evolving times, shops have cope up by offering different and fancier versions of chocolate and sweet boxes.  After all, it’s the perfect accompaniment for flowers, especially for the old-school romantic. There’s a reason why this combo does not go out of style. And we think, it’s because sweets and flowers perfectly translate the sender’s emotions and represent the recipient’s personality.

On the other hand, if you have no romantic affiliations in looking for the best shop for desserts, let us walk through your next food adventure. Here, we have listed down 8 of the best places for desserts to finish off a meal with wonder. Most of these shops serve Toronto, GTA, Ajax, Concord, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Kleinburg, Milton, Stouffville, Pickering and beyond.

8 Best Places for Decadent Dessert Platters in Toronto and GTA

1. KACE Catering

KACE decadent dessert platters and traysSay it best with KACE Catering’s rich dessert platters and boxes. Taking pride in their wide clientele, this company will surely not disappoint with their menu and desserts. Aside from serving mouthwatering meals, this shop also offers a variety of sweets you can indulge in. Among the dessert products they offer are chocolate-dipped strawberries, luxurious charcuterie boxes, sweet grazing boxes and more. These items don’t just taste out of this world, but also look picture perfect. So, whether your sweet tooth starts to itch or just simply wants to self indulge, this shop is a must-try.

2. Floralbash

strawberry-box-decadent-dessert-plattersGifting desserts is also another way of expressing your admiration towards someone. And if you pair it would a fresh bouquet of flowers, it becomes a classic. The timeless combination of flowers and a box of fancy chocolates never goes out of style, right? That’s why Floralbash is one of the go-to shops for customers who want a one-stop-shop for their needs. Be it a breathtaking bouquet, boxes of decadent desserts, or both, they will cater for you. You’ll surely love this shop as they also create dessert boxes for customers who are on a gluten-free diet, are vegan or vegetarian, and have allergies, you can let them know and they would alter it according to your limitations. Truly, not your average flower shop.

  • website: www.floralbash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5B, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

3. Dessert Lady

Dessert Lady, cookie platters baked goodies and more All girls wish the same thing – to eat a lot of sweets without getting fat. We feel you and Dessert Lady sure knows how to cater for you. Brace yourself for the calories or don’t mind it at all! Kidding aside, if you’re a fit junkie, this shop offers fruit platters to satisfy your sugar cravings lessening the guilt. But if you have days you want to forget the calories, you can opt for their huge selection of sweets. From gooey cookie platters to cakes and cupcakes to pies and tarts and more. Aside from those, they also provide service for events and arrange gift baskets. So, next time you need a dessert catering company, you might want to check out Dessert Lady.

4. Pumper Nickles

Pumpernickels, assorted dessertsIf you’re not heartbroken and have no plans in confessing to someone, then you might be one of those people who just want a regular dessert after every meal. Pumper Nickels is one of the dessert shops in Toronto that has an outlet almost everywhere. With its accessibility and convenience, this shop is perfect for the sweet tooth. For that, you really have to watch out for eating too much sweets. But good luck, their sweet treats are too hard to resist! Because when we said almost everywhere, we meant everywhere. This shop has offers decadent desserts all over Toronto and GTA, so for the sweet tooth reading this, don’t look at the weighing scale for a while or run a few miles to lessen the guilt.

5. Euro Desserts

Euro Desserts, donut bouquetsOften times, desserts are best shared with friends and family. Especially if it’s from Euro Desserts. After all, desserts are also comfort foods always bring people closer together. Offering bouquets that are made of donuts, this shop draws inspiration from traditional European desserts perfectly married with Canadian aesthetics. Apart from that, they also offer classic dessert indulgence. From artisan loaves of bread perfect for everyday snacks, specialty cakes for special celebrations, donuts, cookies, cake pops, dessert boxes and trays. They take pride in using only the finest and wholesome ingredients. Truly, delivering premium desserts,

6. Select Bakery

Select Bakering, galaktobourekoLooking for a dessert adventure? Select Bakery can take you to Greece and the Mediterranean with their baked goodies derived from their origin. Since migrating to Canada from Athens, Greece in 1974, they have been offering authentic, decadent dessert platters that consist of Greek delicacies such baklava, galaktoboureko and loukoumades. Aside from offering their heritage sweet delicacies, they also offer bread, pastries, cakes and other American desserts. This shop tries to keep up with the trend by offering other products as well such as delis, cheeses, cured meats and more. Becoming a one-stop shop, Select Bakery has already made countless of celebrations more memorable and tummies that ache for more.

7. Honeybutter Desserts

honeybutter desserts, cookies tarts pie and moreDo you have an upcoming big event and want to serve elegant and toothsome sweets to your guests? Honey Butter Desserts is a catering company that you can count on. Be it for corporate functions, weddings, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and other celebrations. Aside from ready-to-order decadent dessert platters and trays, this shop can also create a custom dessert menu according to your needs and preferences. But wait, it only gets better since they can also provide decor pieces to further elevate the occasion. Amazing, right? If you and your guests are a big fan of sweets, you have to warn them because they might not notice how many cookies they’ve been munching!

8. Patisserie La Cigogne

Patisserie-La-Cigogne-Assorted-MacaronsAnother dessert shop that can take you on a tour is Patisserie La Cigogne. True to its brand, this shop will take you to the romantic streets of Paris with its French pastries and desserts. From pastel-colored macarons that look too pretty to eat to rich not overly sweet chocolates to gooey truffles to irresistible moist cakes to pastries that taste out of this world, this shop will not disappoint. Their packaging and dessert menu looks seemingly straight out of a French restaurant. Aside from that, they also create towering macarons perfect to elevate an event. So, if you want to munch on something pretty, have a break and treat yourself to a French restaurant vibe. Don’t take too long, this shop’s decadent dessert platters are waiting for you.

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