10 Best Decor & Floral Companies for Gala Events in Toronto

Planning a gala takes a lot of effort and before sending out those invitations to important people, it’s very important to ensure that the planning is all done. These galas are often the talk of the town depending on their objective — whether it be to help a cause or generally be a get together of the area’s finest people. Having an event planner makes things less complicated but if you’re doing it on your own, here are 10 Best Decor & Floral Companies for Gala Events in Toronto that you can check out.

10 Best Decor & Floral Companies for Gala Events in Toronto

1. Vintage Bash

With a wide catalogue of decors to choose from, Vintage Bash promises high quality and lovely pieces of furniture, accents, stage decor & backdrop and more that you can rent for a day or two. Perfect for those who are working towards a rustic and romantic-themed gala, they got you. Besides this, they also have floral arrangements that you can explore. They can work with small to huge floral pieces using fresh, dried, or even satin flowers depending on your preference.

2. Wildbash Events

Ajax Mayor's Gala Decor
Ajax Mayor’s Gala Decor

Specializing in sophisticated events, Wildbash Events offers event planning services which you can take advantage of — especially if you are a one-man team. More than their huge library of furniture pieces and decors, they are also well-networked in that they get to connect you with other vendors you can need. They can also help you come up with which pieces are perfect depending on the concept you’re going for. Whether indoors or outdoors, they also have something in store for you.

3. Flowers Time

Floral accents sure event any decor and Flowers Time understood that. Accommodating various event bookings in Toronto, they are a high-end company that caters to galas, weddings, and other social events in need of decor. Wielding the innate beauty of flowers, they put together matching colours and arrange them from small scale pieces to huge statement pieces. These will surely bring life into your event and also something that’ll look lovely in photos.

4. Floral Werx and Decor

Another of the best companies for gala events decor in Toronto, Floral Werx and Decor continues to be a favourite in the neighbourhood for anything related to flowers. They have been in business for 25 years and this proves how seasoned their team members are in whatever project they jump into. In case you have no idea how to start, they can also recommend how to best decorate your selected venue that’ll sure impress your guests.

5. Opening Night Flowers

opening night flowers Decor & Floral Companies for Gala Events

Opening Night Flowers wow us with their portfolio. They worked with different clients in the past and managed to always deliver something magical and sophisticated whatever the concept is. Putting life into still space, they use the natural palette of plants and blooms to add life and colour to a space. Besides weddings, they also catered to events such as opening nights and galas as well.

6. Decor and More

Decor and More is one of Toronto’s best event design firm and we get why. They worked with various clients in the past and helped different events be as dazzling as the hosts wanted them to be.  A full-service company, they can help you from conceptualization up to the actual set-up so you can have a fantastic gala setup that your guests would surely love.

7. Bloom Service

bloom service decor floral companies for gala events

In terms of floral decor for events, Bloom Service is one of the best decor and floral companies for gala events in Toronto. They have a fantastic website that showcases what decors they have and an overview of what they did for their previous clients. From romantic and rustic, they can also come up with something bright and airy without losing the sophisticated touch on their blooms.

8. Secrets Floral

Hosting a gala? It’s no secret how to set up your venue. Secrets Floral is ready to unfold its secret catalogue of floral and furniture pieces that you can rent and use for your event. Surely, their pieces are curated with the intent of sophistication and elegance. This will definitely halo over to your event and your guests will be impressed.

9. Peachwood Design

peachwood gala events toronto

Although specializing in weddings, Peachwood Design delivers minimalist yet sophisticated setups to love. They use muted colours aligned to the event’s colour palette and curate flowers that will add a soft yet lively touch to the venue.  Besides flowers, they also have a collection of lovely metallic pieces that sure elevates the arrangements.

10. E&B Event Decor

E&B Event Decor helped many events have a lovely set-up within their 16 years of experience. During that period, they can curate amazing pieces from accents to furniture that are available for rental. They also have a seasoned team who are fantastic to work with since they already know what works and what’s best for an event. Helpful for first-time hosts.

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