Fall in love with Deer Creek Golf Club‘s manicured lawns and expansive golf courses. The location includes a luxurious clubhouse and banquet hall where you can book on your big day. Truly spectacular, this venue is one of the best venues around the area for social and corporate events. Complete with facilities, this spot is even more perfect to save you from managing a couple of vendors on your big day.

With rustic and natural beauty, you can go for a classical romantic aesthetic that’s super elegant and magical. You can even have ceremonies on their flower-laden gazebos and other lovely outdoor areas. As if living your real-life fairytale, we can help you maximize this venue and turn it into an even more spectacular venue that’s unique and meaningful to the two of you. Our team are true professionals and can assist you with ideation and execution on the big day.

Deer Creek Golf Club: Sophisticated Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

The stunning spacious banquet halls are the perfect canvas for your modern fairytale wedding reception. You can maximize the large windows with the scenic landscape view as the centre stage. Floral columns or pillars will work to add softness and balance to the structured sharp lines of the window. Your colour palette can also be accustomed depending on the season — spring may be suitable with the muted pastel colours, summer goes super well with a bright and vivid palette, while fall or winter would likely lean towards deep earthy colours.

Whatever you have in mind, our professional florists and decorators would ensure that you get the vision you have for your big day. No ifs and no buts — all beyond expectations.

Let’s start planning!


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