10 Best Dinner Specials for Canada Day 2024 in Toronto

July 1 is always a festive time for us Canadians. This year, we can only wish to have a semblance of how we used to celebrate this day. While we may not have our usual parades and parties, we can still have our own at home.

At this point, occasions and events are what we make of it. Whether you’re living alone, with your partner, or family, there is still a way to commemorate Canada Day. Some restaurants offer dinner specials that are available for takeout, pickup, or through deliveries. Have Zoom get-togethers with gourmet food courtesy of amazing kitchens that work tirelessly to serve only the best food for their customers to enjoy at home. Here are the 10 best specials you can have to celebrate Canada’s birthday!

  1. KACE Cateringkacecatering 3coursedinner 1 10 Best Dinner Specials for Canada Day 2024 in Toronto

KACE Catering has always been a favorite vendor for different events such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate functions. They are known for creating custom menus that suit specific themes and preferences. Even in the midst of COVID-19, they have innovated their services by offering their famous grazing spreads in different box sizes to conveniently enjoy anytime and anyplace.

This July 1st, you can most definitely count on them to provide you great meals to celebrate. They have options for family dinners and scrumptious food choices that you can send to friends or loved ones so you can have your party online.

  1. Campo Restaurant

Now that traveling is out of the picture, it’s nice to have a place like Campo Restaurant that can transport us to Italy and Spain through their amazing cuisine. They have been featured in many magazines for their rustic and hand-made meals. Made from local and seasonally sourced ingredients, you can be sure of the quality and love that goes into every single dish.

You can most definitely order dinner to go to celebrate Canada Day at home.  It’s satisfying your wanderlust through Campo Restaurant’s top-notch menu for this special day.

  1. Dzo Viet Eatery

Authentic Vietnamese food is hard to come by but we have one of the best in Dzo Viet Eatery. The owners created the restaurant to bring the Viet culture to release burdens and relish life through great street food.

Now you can also have their mouthwatering food through DZO dinner TO GO! Their menu is now available for takeaway for delivery and pickup. It truly is a perfect way to satisfy your cravings at the safety and warmth of your own home.

  1. McEwan Fine Foods

McEwan Fine Foods carries so many different selections that you can definitely create your own special dinner any time and any place. They have meal kits, fresh produce, meat and seafood, dairy, deli, bread, pastries, and grocery. This is a one-stop shop for everything you need for a sumptuous meal.

For this special event, you can try their Seafood bundles and their McEwan Butcher Box. They even have kids’ meals available to make things easy and delicious for you and the whole family.

  1. Foxley Bistro

Foxley Bistro offers contemporary Pan-Asian Sharing plates. They accept strict reservations for dine-in and they also have a dinner take-out menu available. With a kitchen run by Chef Tom Thai, a veteran and well-respected man in the industry, you can only expect awesome food that you are now able to have at home.

Enjoy their offers such as their sea bream ceviche with yuzu and shisho grilled hanger steak with chimichurri, and their braised beef in red curry. Their takeout menu is comprised of best-sellers like blue crab and avocado salad, steamed whitefish with Asian greens and truffle sauce, and grilled lemongrass marinated Cornish hen.

  1. Light Café

Light Café is a quaint place with a Taiwanese-inspired food selection. They proudly serve creative café food with a contemporary twist. They have amazing gourmet sandwiches that you can match with their amazing drink options.

They have Brunch boxes that anyone will love. For Canada Day, you can even send some to family or friends you want to celebrate with. These boxes come in the following variants: Pulled Pork, Lobster Croissant, Smoked Salmon, Mushroom, and Buttermilk Mini Pancakes.

  1. Storm Crow Manor

Storm Crow Manor

Storm Crow Manor is a themed pub that is a wonderful spot for both sports enthusiasts, Sci-Fi, and gamers. Their menu is full of amazing comfort food. We highly recommend their Deathburger sliders, one of their most famous best-sellers.

Their takeout menu includes Fam Jam Pizza Combo, their Date Night Combo, and more of their incredible appetizers, bowls, pizzas, burgers, and more.

  1. Town Wings

Wings are always a good idea! Town Wings is one of the best places to get your fix of the most awesome wings for any occasion. Their menu has something for everyone. They have sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas, chicken fingers, and of course, their best-selling wings.

For Canada Day, you need to order their Game Night special. It comes with a whopping twenty pounds of wings with your choice of eight flavors. To make it better, this is also served with four large fries, four Caesar salads, four onion rings, one large gravy, and eight dipping sauces. It all sounds amazing and perfect for this day.

  1. Japango

Japango offers absolutely mouthwatering traditional Japanese cuisine. They offer platters with different variations. These include sushi, maki, and sashimi. If you’re celebrating, you can order these platters and add some of their yummy appetizers and then top it off with their Sapporo Premium Beer.

Their whole menu is available for dinner takeout. They have entrees, soups, udon, katsu, tonkatsu, maki mono, sushi, and sashimi ala carte.

  1. Wolfie’s Deli

Everyone knows the feeling of being famished and taking a bite of an amazing sandwich to end that hunger. Wolfie’s Deli has been a mainstay since 1975. They have been serving outstanding deli food with great side dishes for over 45 years and they are still the go-to for the best sandwiches in Toronto.

They have tasty side dishes and an array of cold cuts available to order anytime. Pair this with their bread selection and you have for yourself a simple but absolutely delicious meal to enjoy.


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