5 Best Flower Shops To Buy Dried Flowers in Toronto

Flowers are indeed the beautifying touch to events’ styling, a thoughtful gift, and they can also spruce up your home. Fresh or dried, they each come with their own special characteristics that make for stunning arrangements in the hands of artistic florists.

Now, you can visit flower shops or order from their online catalogs to get your own bouquets or floral displays. Dried flowers have become very popular because of their modern and chic appeal. They also last longer and add a certain pizzazz to any room. By all means, you can use these pretty dried floral designs any way you want or mix them with fresh blooms for a raw and inventive arrangement. Are you on the lookout for dried flowers in Toronto? We’ve got 5 of the best flower shops that offer gorgeous dried collections that you can use at home, for your special occasions, or for gifting to someone special.

  1. Floral Bash

Dried Flowers TorontoDried Floral Arrangement PampasDried Flowers Toronto

Coming from a team of innovative and original florists, Floral Bash artistically creates arrangements that make hearts flutter with joy. Check out their dried flower selection. You can have them incorporate this into their trademark bouquets for a mixed fresh and dried design. Or, you can order a fully dried creation for that raw and dreamy feel.

Not to mention, they are very open to collaborating with their clients. Create your own design and start making your own arrangement with the Floral Bash touch today.

  1. Botany Flower Studio

Botany Flower Studio

Botany Flower Studio’s arrangements are uncommon and striking. They choose all their products themselves and each design features a good selection of tropical, garden flowers, succulents, pods, flowering branches, foliages, ferns, bulbs, twigs, and berries. Their dried collection features different grasses, leaves, and branches, and flowers. They come in their natural colors and dyed variants for added texture and character.

Check their gallery for deep, vibrant colors or neutral arrangements that are long-lasting. Their gorgeous creations are distinctly different from other shops, featuring modern designs inspired by whimsical gardens and nature. They provide a healthy alternative to traditional floristry. A definite must-see, Botany Flower Studio is a sustainable shop to patronize for your blooms and plant needs.

  1. VintageBASH


You can’t go wrong with VintageBASH’s evidently signature classic style. This is unquestionably reflected in their decors, design, and also their flower selection. Count on them to provide all your dried flower must-haves. Whether it’s the much-coveted pampas grass or a dreamy bouquet, their artistic florists will leave you in awe of their work.

Not sure what to do with the dried beauties? Talk to their creatives about some ideas and they’ll gladly help you out. Whether it’s for an event or your own design, you can get imaginative with the VintageBASH team.

  1. Wilbe Bloomin

Wilbe Bloomin

Featuring a diverse inventory of fresh and dried flowers with potted plants, Wilbe Bloomin is a one-stop-shop for your botanical needs. They have hand-tied dried flower arrangements that will certainly fit any occasion or home. Their selection of locally grown flowers are wide and diverse. You’ll find variety and beauty in their store.

This particular bouquet features handpicked dried flowers that were delicately put together by their talented florists. You can customize your own. Let them know if you have any particular plant, grass, or flower that you want incorporated in your own arrangement and they’ll design it for you. Are you planning to give this as a gift to a special someone? They have add-ons you can add to your order such as candles and cards to make it all the more extraordinary.

  1. Wild North Flowers

Wild North Flowers

When you support Wild North Flowers, you are also supporting Ontario’s best floral farms. They source all their blooms from local farmers, giving their clients only the freshest options. Furthermore, they use North American-grown greenery that lasts longer. Their creation is a mix of local and imported dried elements as their finishing touch for their arrangements.

As a matter of fact, their signature style always features at least 8 different varieties of flowers giving their creations their own flair and personality. Their dried arrangements are beautifully put together and stunning in every way.


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