10 Easter Gifts & Baskets Toronto Delivery in Toronto

One of the anticipated celebrations during the spring season, Easter wins over the hearts of kids through colourful handpainted eggs and hunting. This season also welcomes us back outdoors where we can go around comfortable, under the warm sun. Like new beginnings, gifting during this season is also observed. With this in mind, we rounded up the 10 Easter Gifts & Baskets Toronto Delivery in Toronto that you can check and shop from before the actual day!

10 Easter Gifts & Baskets Toronto Delivery in Toronto

1. Floral Bash’s Easter Charcuterie

easter charcuterie board 10 Easter Gifts & Baskets Toronto Delivery in TorontoToronto Grazing BoxOne of the best premium gift and floral arrangement shops in Toronto, Floral Bash got you any time of the year. You can take a look at their wide collection of gift items to consider. Perfect for any celebration, their charcuterie boards or grazing boxes are wonderful for gifting. Assured to be delicious and made from fresh ingredients, you can also freely customize depending on your preference and set dietary restrictions. Whether gluten-free, halal, or vegan, they got you.

Besides this, you can also have add-ons such as a bottle of champagne to complement the grazing box, a bouquet of lovely flowers for more thoughtfulness, and more. They also deliver anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area so you won’t need to worry if you’re busy with work. Just set a designated driver before check out to ensure delivery on time.

2. Epic Baskets’ Easter Baskets

Make someone smile with a cute Easter basket with a stuffed bunny and a bunch of colourful chocolate eggs. Epic Baskets have different sizes available so you can browse through their catalogue and see which fits your budget best. Besides these baskets, you can also opt for their antipasto board set. This board includes biscuits, crackers, cheese, chocolates, and a bottle of wine for your antipasto or charcuterie setup.

3. SOMA Chocolate Maker’s Easter Chocolate Specials

SOMA Chocolate

SOMA Chocolate Maker brings us premium and organically made chocolates this Easter season. They have special-shaped chocolates into pods, bunnies, and other Easter symbols. Moreover, the products they offer are community-supportive so you can also help people with every purchase. Besides these special limited edition chocolates, there are also greeting card options and other all-occasion items.

4. Perfect Baskets’ Easter Premium Box

With three premade Easter gift boxes, Perfect Basket ensures to have you covered for anything you may need. They cater to any occasion which can make any celebration extra special. Ideal for those who love sweets, each box has a range of chocolates with a few coming in remarkable Easter packaging too. Making it presentable enough, each is packed in a white plain box with light teal ribbon for a luxurious look.

5. Baskits’ Stunning Bundles

baskits toronto easter gifts delivery

Baskits offer a wide range of Easter gifts and baskets that you can explore. Moreover, they actually deliver anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area so they got you covered despite having a busy schedule. They offer different gift options that come in a wider price range that sure suits different budgets with unique gift inclusions on each. You can get a bunny stuff toy, baby gifts, egg treats, and more.

6. Simontea’s Gift Boxes & Flowers

Simontea remains one of the best shops to grab Easter Gifts and Baskets in Toronto. They have a wide range of different baskets in various sizes to choose from. There are a bunch of chocolate and remarkable coloured eggs with bunny-shaped treats too. Besides this, they also offer a set with wine perfect for adults. Should you be surprising your loved ones, there are also flowers available too.

7. Toronto Blooms’ Colourful Bouquets

toronto blooms easter toronto delivery

What best way to celebrate Easter and spring is through colourful and meaningful full flowers. Toronto Blooms got you with their stunning bouquets that include colourful tulips, roses, and orchids that are carefully picked and put together. Furthermore, they also have arrangements in a box and vase that you can opt for in case you’re looking for something that’s out of the ordinary. Besides blooms, they also have delicious treats such as macarons, cake, or strawberry chocolate dipped treats for your loved ones.

8. Butzi Gift Basket’s Easter & Spring Basket

Butzi offers fantastic Easter gifts and baskets available for delivery within Toronto. They cater to any occasion and ensure that most of their options are flexible depending on various personalities. Furthermore, they have a couple of baskets available that include delicious treats and chocolates. There is also the Italian Panettone Easter which includes two bottles of wine, chocolates, treats, and wooden bunny decorations too.

9. My Basket’s Fantastic Gift Baskets

easter gifts and baskets toronto

Delivering amazing baskets that are perfect for any occasion, My Basket ensures to bring you more options so you can find something that suits your needs and budget. Besides this, they also have a range of baskets with just treats and chocolates to even those with gourmet ingredients for a dinner celebration. Either way, they ensure that everything they offer is of best intention which receivers would surely appreciate.

10. Alexandria Gift Baskets

With a thorough understanding of the season and celebrations, Alexandria curates their gift baskets with the intent to give something meaningful and remarkable. Given that Easter is the season for spring and new beginnings, they came up with gift baskets that have evident symbols through colourful eggs, bunnies, and balloons.


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