Emerald Glow: Spring’s Best Bridesmaid Trend

A spring wedding is one of the dreams of many couples these days as it implies a new beginning and a brighter future. To make a spring wedding perfect such as its season, carefully choosing the best color theme is essential for your preparation as this brings the overall tone of your event.

Nowadays, emerald green is one of the leading choices for the wedding dresses of bridesmaids. This is the perfect color for your spring wedding because of its natural color that adds sophistication to the occasion.

If you like this kind of wedding and would like to know more about the emerald green wedding theme, this article is for you. In this article, I will be sharing essential tips on how to make a spring wedding perfect with the springs best bridesmaid trendthe Emerald Glow.

The Allure of Emerald Green

Emerald green is one of the top choices for colors of bridesmaid dresses these days because it is not just pleasant to the eyes but also has great significance.

Symbolism and Meaning

Emerald green is the best theme color for spring weddings because it implies growth, new beginnings, optimism, harmony, and balance.  Some say this color is a lucky charm for couples who are just starting a new life because this color is associated with abundance and money. Aside from these, green also symbolizes good health, fertility, and fortune.

Versatility with Other Colors

When it comes to versatility, emerald green is an eye-catching color that perfectly blends with other spring wedding colors such as neutral and metallics, orange, natural hues, white, red, pastels, moody mixes, and many more. You can make your dream spring wedding happen as long as you pick ones with certain tones and combine them in the right ways.

Flattering on Various Skin Tones

One of the advantages of the emerald green is its ability to blend with diverse skin tones. Whether you have fair or deep complexions, this color adds timeless sophistication ensuring that everyone who is wearing the dress will not just only look beautiful but also will have the most memorable experience.

Fashion Forward: Emerald in Spring Weddings

Trendsetting Designs

Emerald green dresses are popular nowadays not just because of their eye-catching color but also their unique attribute to blend with diverse skin tones. If you opt for this, there is no need to worry because they have different styles and designs that offer a trendy look. This includes flowy chiffon or smooth satin. These are not just trending but also their fabrics are perfect for your dream spring wedding. Selecting dress styles also like the A-line, sheath, or maxi will not just make you look elegant but will give you the chance to dance comfortably for the whole night long.

Accessorizing Emerald Dresses

To make your emerald dress look more stunning and eye-catchy, make sure to select the best accessories that will complement them perfectly. You may opt for silver or gold jewelry which can add sparkle to your look. Moreover, you may also use nude or metallic shoes which will make you look great with your emerald dresses. Aside from this, this will make your legs look longer resulting in a taller look. Dont forget also to use bouquets with white flowers standing out against your green dress.

Emerald Green and Wedding Themes

When it comes to wedding themes, emerald green is the perfect choice for a spring wedding whether it is a garden wedding or in a more formal venue.

Garden and Outdoor Weddings

To be wed outdoors is a dream of some couples because of the relaxing ambiance brought by green nature and scenic views. If this is your type of set-up, an emerald green dress is the perfect choice because it complements the natural backdrop. Emerald green dresses together with perfect flowers add elegance and refinement to your special day, creating an aesthetic vibe and an Instagram mable venue.

Elegant and Formal Affairs

If the wedding is in a more formal setup, opting for emerald green dresses is a wise decision. With its luxurious tone and eye-catching color, emerald green adds elegance to the occasion making it classier. If paired with the right décor and fancy accents, emerald dresses can make you and your guests have the most unforgettable moment.

Capturing the Moment: Emerald in Photography

Photos are also one of the most essential in weddings as these keep memories being shared in a particular event. I you want captivating photos, opt for emerald green.

Photogenic Qualities of Emerald

One of the colors that has the photogenic qualities is the emerald green. Wearing dresses in this color will enhance wedding photography, especially in natural settings such as in gardens or outdoor setups. With the greeny or flowery backdrop, this color creates captivating contrast and depth which add visual enhancement to photos and enhance the natural beauty of the venue.

Memorable Group Photos

Emerald green is also perfect for group photos as this creates a cohesive and eye-catching presence. The bridesmaids wearing of the same color create an aesthetic vibe and an eye-pleasing view due to the elegance brought by the emerald green.

Testimonials and Real Wedding Stories

“My wedding was so unforgettable! Thanks to the emerald green dresses of my bridesmaids which not only complements complement the outdoor setup of the wedding, but also perfectly blend with their skin tones. The photos were all gorgeous because of the vibrant and eye-catching emerald green theme. Thanks to my friend Liza who suggested having the green emerald as my wedding theme. With her, I was able to learn that emerald green symbolized new beginnings, good health, and fortune which are perfectly related to my marriage. Seeing my best friends wearing the dress with confidence and elegance made our special day even more special. Im so happy with my choice” – Samantha, Bride


You have learned that emerald green is the top choice for spring bridesmaid dresses for many couples these days. It is trending not just because of its eye-catching color but also because of its significant and symbolical meaning such as growth, abundance, new beginning, and bright future. The emerald green can make the wedding vibe elegant and aesthetic because it can blend into diverse skin tones. Emerald green dresses have different designs that you can choose from and can make them more stunning by selecting the right accessories. If you want to enhance your spring wedding, opting for an emerald green dress is the best thing you can do.

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