Like marriage, popping the question “Will you marry me?” is also a once-in-a-lifetime moment that needs preparation. That’s why engagement proposal speech examples are necessary. While we’re sure you already have a heartfelt message in mind, it’s necessary to ensure that you’re going to say it in the most seamless way possible. Besides, asking your partner’s hand is deemed the first and ultimate step towards another chapter of your story. Not to mention, how your speech can make or break the moment-making your choice of words is extremely crucial.

However, even though you already knew by heart what you want to say, we understand how challenging it could be to pull it off on the spot. So to help you, we have compiled 10 ideas and samples of engagement speech proposals so you won’t experience getting lost in your emotions. Plus, you can also do some practice speech to make sure you give the best proposal message to your future lifetime partner.

10 Marriage Proposal Speech Teplates & Examples

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1. How We Met

There are many proposal speech examples but the classic story of how you met your significant other will always be a great idea to include in a proposal speech. Doing so will effortlessly add a personal touch to your message to your partner and to those present in the occasion. You can follow this template to make sure you won’t get lost. After telling the story of how you met, you can begin your message about how you have grown together individually and as partners.

____, the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew in my core that my life’s about to change. That (mention the actual moment you met your partner) is etched forever as it was that moment something, some unusual feeling that my life is about to change. And true enough, after speaking with you, it felt like I’ve known you since forever (tell the story of your first conversation, whether it’s funny or awkward, whatever it is, it will always be a wonderful idea to include it). Who would have thought that the stranger in front of me that day/night will be the person I won’t last a day without. We grew together from being (part of your story when you felt you were destined to be together). Today, I want to let you know that you are the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. In many different stages and versions, regardless of the change – good or bad, I want to experience it with you…Will you marry me?

2. Everything I Love About You

If you’re ready to marry your partner, you can probably list endless reasons why you love your partner. And this proves to be another effective way to start your engagement proposal speech. It will show how much you are looking forward to seeing and spending the future with your partner, hence a magical way to pop the question. To guide you, here’s a short template of how to start it. Remember to keep it original and insert actual reasons why you love your partner.

_______, I’m not sure how I could have survived without your encouragement and joy, without listening to you sing and watching you dance when you believe no one is looking. I enjoy dreaming with you because you understand me as no one else could. I enjoy being sick if I know you would be there to care for me. You inspire me to get out of bed every morning, to accomplish amazing things for you, and to strive to improve. You are my motivation, my inspiration, and my aspiration. You understand what happiness is and where it is concealed better than anyone else. We both want a colorful and memorable life, and we can make our dreams come true if we work together. That’s when I knew I want, need you for the rest of my life….____will you marry me?

3. Shared Moments You Had

If you have shared many years of being in a relationship, you will never run out of moments you can use as part of the proposal. This is also ideal for relationships that started during high school or college and literally, saw life together while being in the relationship. Using this type of marriage proposal speech will surely bring back fond memories and will sweep your partner off of her/his feet so you’ll never go wrong choosing this one.

____ I remember when we were young, we use to play, eat our lunch together, walk home together. Actually, (mention the earliest memory you had of your partner, whether it is when you were at the school’s playground getting all dirty) and I can’t help but be blown away by how magical it is that you are the person I’ll be wanting to spend forever with. _____, I can’t imagine life without you….will you marry me?

4. The Moment I Knew You are The One

By now, you’ve probably had your own moment of utter realization before actually doing the proposal. Whenever and wherever that is, telling that story during your speech can no doubt sweep your partner off her/his feet. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, just speak your heart out and let your love speak for you.

“______, during the lowest point of my life you were there (tell the moment where you realized how you can’t see another person as your lifetime partner) Will you marry me?” 

5. We are Destined to be Together

Challenges will always be part of a relationship. And if you feel like you and your partner have overcome quite a handful, using the “we are destined to be together” approach to a speech proposal is a great idea. This way you can share to the audience (if you have any) how you have dealt with difficult situations and remained strong as a partner. Moreover, this will make your partner feel that no matter what life throws at you, you will always come back to each other. You can start by using the template below:

“It still fascinates me how far we have come. From all the difficult situations we’ve been through, now we’re here. I remember when (you can mention something big yet romantic to take her back to when you realized you guys are meant to be together). With all the good times and hardships we’ve been through, one thing remains the same – you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with…will you marry me?”

6. Serendipity

Meeting your partner unexpectedly and in the most mysterious way is definitely another type of proposal you should consider. Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce how only divine intervention can make sense out of the situation. Just like the movie of the same title, Serendipity is about magic beyond our comprehension and you can use this as a statement for your message. Here’s one of the proposal speech examples that will surely melt hearts.

The day/night I met you, it seemed impossible to even get close to you (mention a moment where you tried many times but something always happens, missed chances or goner moments). I know that magic is an illusion but in that moment, I believed it was the only thing that can bring us together and I’m still amazed at how the universe made us happen (tell the story of how miraculous you guys actually had an actual moment together). With that, I know you’re the person I am going to grow old with….will you marry me?”

7. How Your Life Changed

You may feel lost before you met your better half and meeting that person totally changed your world, of course for the better. This is yet another great way to start your marriage proposal. You can tell how he/she brings out the best in you, how you were given so much inspiration to savour moments and look forward to amazing ones.

“My world turned from black and white into a spectrum of colors. Days were dragging. I’m comfortable lying on my bed but I feel homeless, hollow. Not until I met you. You’ve filled a void in my heart I never knew it was that big. Meeting you made me feel alive and loving you completed me. I want to be the best husband you deserve and build a family with you. Make me the luckiest man. Will you marry me? 

8. Experience-Based

Organizing a unique experience is a popular method to pop the question. Proposing during an activity, whether it’s a romantic trip or a special walk, can be particularly memorable. During a peaceful time, perhaps while admiring some gorgeous scenery or following an especially thrilling experience. You can say something like:

I can’t wait to do ____ for the rest of our lives. Share every breathtaking moment and live the best days of our lives. Will you marry me?

9. Funny Moments

Do you have that sense of humor that made your partner fall in love with you? You can use that personality as a marriage proposal speech as well! It’s ideal to keep it light and original but don’t forget to add your own version of romantic.

“You are the epitome of a modern woman and was actually waiting for your proposal. But since you still haven’t, I thought I better ask you first before I hold regret. You are the most amazing person I’ve ever known and no one compares to you (mention funny qualities or moments you’ve shared). Will you marry me?”

10. Quote from a Famous Movie

It’s quite common for couples to have their own favorite movie. That being said, it’s also a nice idea to mention a famous movie quote that both of you know by heart.

“As Leo vowed to Paige, ‘I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once-in-a-lifetime love,’ I want you to love you in ways you didn’t know possible and bring you to a wonderful life full of love and joy. Let us be our own love story that Nicholas Sparks can create a novel from. Will you marry me?”


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