Etobicoke Professional Holiday Decor Services

Take your holiday season to the next level by decking it out with breathtaking Christmas decor. Watch as our team of skilled interior Holiday designers work their magic that inject an added dose of joy into your festive celebrations.

Welcome to VintageBASH! We’re not just about events; we’re the maestros of Christmas creativity. Whether you’re throwing a festive bash, assembling a Christmas pop-up like no other, or simply aiming to infuse snug holiday vibes into your home or business space, our squad is here to make it happen. Our passion? Crafting Christmas settings that will have even Santa doing double takes.

Holiday Services Offered:

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Decorated Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Lights Installation
  • Interior & Outdoor Decor Installation
  • Full Production
  • Life-Sized Holiday Props
  • Holiday Brand Activations
  • Holiday Experiential Marketing
  • Corporate Holiday Parties
  • Holiday Product Launches
  • Holiday Grand Openings
  • Holiday Gala & Conferences
  • and more

Intrigued? Ready to make your space a canvas for holiday enchantment? Don’t wait! Reach out to us, and let’s sculpt some Christmas marvels together. The mistletoe is hung, and the magic awaits – your very own winter fairy tale is just a click away.

Etobicoke Professional Christmas Decor & Interior Design Portfolio

With a range of services tailored to meet your needs, we’ll handle everything from styling and decor to installation and teardown. You can trust us to bring your vision to life.


Our range of Services

Our extensive list of services includes:

  1. Decorated Christmas Tree: Let us adorn your Christmas tree with exquisite ornaments, lights, and ribbons, turning it into a dazzling centerpiece for your space.
  2. Christmas Lights Installation: Enhance the beauty of your property with our expertly installed Christmas lights, creating a mesmerizing display that will awe both passersby and guests.
  3. Interior & Outdoor Decor Installation: From wreaths to garlands, we’ll deck the halls of your interiors and exteriors with elegant holiday decor, spreading the festive spirit throughout.
  4. Full Production: If you’re planning a large-scale event or corporate celebration, our full production service ensures a seamless and spectacular holiday experience.
  5. Life-Sized Holiday Props: Add a touch of whimsy and enchantment with our life-sized holiday props, including nutcrackers, Christmas sleighs, and giant ornament balls.
  6. Holiday Brand Activations: Make a lasting impression with our holiday experiential marketing solutions, designed to captivate your audience and enhance your brand presence.
  7. Corporate Holiday Parties: Elevate your corporate holiday party with our professional decor services, creating a joyful and inviting atmosphere for your employees and guests.
  8. Holiday Product Launches: For businesses launching new products during the holiday season, we provide decor services that showcase your offerings in a festive and eye-catching manner.
  9. Holiday Grand Openings: Make a memorable first impression with our expert decor services, ensuring your grand opening reflects the excitement and magic of the holiday season.
  10. Holiday Gala & Conferences: Impress your attendees with our elegant decor, setting the stage for a truly memorable holiday gala or conference.

And that’s not all! We offer an array of additional services, including Christmas wreaths, centrepieces, wrapped presents, photo opportunities, and New Year decor. Whether you desire a traditional or contemporary aesthetic, our team will work closely with you to create a customized decor plan that exceeds your expectations.

Expert Etobicoke Professional Holiday Decor Services

When you choose VintageBASH, you’re choosing a professional holiday decorator with a passion for creating breathtaking spaces. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With our expertise and your vision, together, we’ll bring the magic of Christmas to life.

Don’t let the holiday stress overwhelm you. Take the first step towards a beautifully decorated space by consulting with our experts today. Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your holiday decor needs. Let us make this holiday season unforgettable for you and your loved ones.