15+ Best Event Production Agencies in Toronto

Host medium to large-scale events in Toronto without batting an eye. There are many respected event production agencies in Toronto that you can now tap into and work with. All have their fair share of successful projects that you can use as a gauge if they’re a good fit with what you have in mind. To save time, we took the liberty and rounded up 15+ Best Event Production Agencies in Toronto that you can check out.

15+ Best Event Production Agencies in Toronto

1. VintageBash


If you’re looking for a professional event decor and design company in Toronto, VintageBash is a go-to. They are impressively flexible and can accommodate event design for various occasions — whether it be for social events, corporate events, or even weddings! Moreover, their extensive collection of decor and furniture pieces hands down makes them a one-stop shop for events. You no longer need to worry about sourcing decorations and working with various vendors. They are also well-connected with other vendors you might need.

2. Brand Glow Up

Focusing mostly on brand and business clients, Brand Glow Up also has an extensive background and track record in the marketing industry. They helped many clients come up with successful brand activations and in-store setups. With their deep understanding of marketing at its core, they sure are the best people to work with for social marketing events.

3. Astound Group

Astound Brand Experiential Toronto

Bridging the gap between online and offline, Astound Group is a social marketing agency that helps brands maximize their presence online through event production. More than actually planning the event, they also take the time to understand the brand first and recommend what approaches may work best. Furthermore, they also extend decor and designing, logistics, and scheduling services for their client’s convenience.

4. Taylor Reid

Taylor Reid is another of the best social marketing agencies you can tap for event production in Toronto. They have an impressive track record in the industry. Even if you’re a new brand in the market, they can assist you by implementing the best practice of successful brands and replicating it on a smaller scale that’s more fitting to what you currently have.

5. Had Too Have Moments

Had Too Have Moments Event Production Toronto

With flexible event planning packages, Had Too Have Moments cater mostly to clients looking for valuable packages. They have a wide network which can help their clients get connected with various technical and catering vendors. Furthermore, they can also assist in the coordination and decor set-up on the big day.

6. D Marie Production

With an understanding that a brand’s story is the key to any successful brand activation events, D Marie Production plans around the brand and crafts a story through various touchpoints. Their attention to detail is exemplary and you don’t need to worry about execution, because their team recommends and ensures that they get to cover all possible aspects to help you achieve your goals.

7. Fusion Events

Fusion Gala Event Designers

By fusion, they meant it seriously. Fusion Event helps brands and businesses with event production on small to large-scale in various formats. This can be through physical events and appearances or can be through live digital events online. Their expertise in planning and designing an event can help you bridge the gap and come up with an event that’s remarkable and successful.

8. Tigris Events

Focusing on physical brand activations and other initiatives, Tigris Events can help you plan and execute while also providing assistance in setting up equipment and staffing. No need to worry about small details since mostly, they got it all covered. Furthermore, they also assist with experiential marketing events where a brand can tap into specific interests and engage the audience to participate.

9. KSA Toronto

KSA Toronto

Boasting 30 years of experience in the industry, KSA Toronto got you. They are experts in event design, strategy, and execution. They also have developed a foolproof process which can help you avoid last-minute problems and maximize the event to help you achieve your goals.

10. Total Events

With a stunning website, Total Events is truly one of the best social marketing agencies in Toronto. They help with planning and executing impressive and interactive events that leave a mark on the audience. From small to large-scale events, they sure can help you maximize your potential.

11. Yellow House Events

Yellow House Influencer Event Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Focusing on experiential events, Yellow House Events help craft out-of-the-box and creative event concepts for their clients. Furthermore, they ensure that they get to cover all the bases to help them achieve their goals. Whether in-person or online, they can help you plan your next event.

12. AV Canada

Helping you with large-scale presentations or entertainment events, AV Canada is a full-service event production company in Toronto. Besides this, they also work with social marketing initiatives or even private conference meetings to ensure smooth and successful events.

13. Good Kids


Showcasing their corporate clients over the years, Good Kids sure delivered exceptionally good events to build such a reputation. More than social marketing, they can also help you with content creation and promotion to attract traffic and ensure a successful event.

14. Heller Productions Inc

With a passion for details and 25 years of experience, Heller Productions Inc ensured to only leave a lasting impression on their clients. They specialize in crafting luxury brand activations and corporate events that help organizations be a step closer to their goals.

15. AT Design Agency


AT Design Agency is one of the best event production agencies in Toronto. They extend services in helping brands with the activation, staging, and fabrication of materials required. Surely, they can keep everything covered so you can save time, effort, and resources in coordinating.


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