10 Best Event Production Companies in Toronto

Anyone who planned an event – whether big or small – will tell you how events planning is a whirlwind. Even great planners themselves still encounter unexpected twists of events. This basically means that successful events not only boils down to planning and coordinating skills but also how quick thinking and flexible one is. Further, not all have the liberty to handle too much on their plate. Relieve yourself from the stress of planning and coordinating your own event with excellent event production companies in Toronto.

Best Event Production Companies in Toronto

1. Wildbash Events

If you’re into chic and sophisticated events, Wildbash Events got you! They have quite an impressive website that reflects how they pay attention to details. With their team’s experience and relationships built from its sister companies, they already have an existing network for all your event needs. Like a one-stop-shop for everything event planning, they got you. Check out their lovely portfolio and be in awe of their fantastic events.

2. Brand Glow Up

Going beyond typical events, Brand Glow Up specializes more in corporate and social events. Perfect for those building brand image or even building public relationships, they have your back. Set a meeting with their amazingly reliable and seasoned team for consultancy. Host the event that’s best aligned to your objectives with the help of this company. You can definitely never go wrong!

3. Yellow House Events

yellow house events

As sunny and vibrant as their name, Yellow House Events work on to plan and deliver exemplary events and experience that is worth sharing. Creating a buzz has always been side by side their goal is to execute a lovely event. Now, with the ever-changing time, they expanded to also offer event production virtually! Experiential campaigns, virtual events, live events, and digital experiences – name it and they have it.

4. Fervent Events

Fervent Events is one of the go-to event production companies in Toronto. Besides events, they are also a one-stop shop for everything marketing-related. They got branding, communications, events, and even public relations building that is more ideal for businesses and public figures. Further, they are also experienced in on-ground campaigns such as street teams, pop-up booths, sampling, or even social media contesting. Build networks easily and be the talk of the town with Fervent Events.

5. AT Design Agency

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Have fantastic event production with AT Design Agency. They are one of the go-to companies in Toronto in the industry and it’s not surprising because they deliver! With impeccable taste and attention to detail, they easily turn a plain venue into something out of this world. Through tailored furniture and handpicked accents – whatever you need, they have it. They’ll surely bring your dream event to life with their flair for curated pieces. Impressed already? Visit their website to learn more about them.

6. Heller Productions Inc

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Heller Productions Inc still produces noteworthy events. With a team of women, these girl bosses ensure that you get the best possible event for the business. They managed corporate and non-profit events, retail conferences, golf tournaments and incentive travel trips – which eventually led them to be considered as one of GTA’s renowned event production companies over the years.

7. Good Kids

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Well, who wouldn’t like a good kid right? With their fun and boundless creativity (like a great kid they are), Good Kids just continue to build their reputation and increase the bar in terms of event production and marketing online and offline. Not surprisingly, they have partnered with several known brands over the years and produced quality content. Check out their website to learn more and see what’s so special about them.

  • website: www.goodkids.ca/
  • address: 1545 Dundas Street West Toronto Ontario M6K1T6

8.Pure AV

Pure AV has been a go-to for an event production company in Toronto. They specialize in audio and visual tech that sure makes a difference, especially for huge events. You can easily book their services for online and offline events at this time. Furthermore, you can even go for them in case you also want to have a mix of both – a large offline event that can be broadcasted live. Definitely lifesavers in terms of tech!


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Known for working with charitable, non-profit events mainly, Manifest focuses on executing events that make the world a better place. They understand how such events have great intentions. What their team mostly does is ensure it translates effectively to target audiences. Make not only a difference but actually make a mark in one’s life that hopefully enables change.


AV-Canada is a good company for event production. They offer solutions that are indeed helpful for physical to virtual events. Whether staging and set-up of equipment, they got you. Further, they can also provide assistance in broadcasting events live through their high-end tech and gadgets. You can check out their website to learn more about what they do. With their 30 years of experience in the industry, they’ve worked with businesses of any size.

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