15+ Best Event Props & Decor Companies in Toronto

So you’re hosting an event but not sure what to do next? Don’t worry because there are amazing event props and decor companies you can work with in Toronto. They can help you map out what you have in mind and ensure that you get your dream event to life. To help you save time, here are 15+ Best Event Props & Decor Companies in Toronto that you can tap and get help with your event setup.

15+ Best Event Props & Decor Companies in Toronto

1. VintageBash

A reliable event props and decor rental company in Toronto, VintageBash wows us with its impressively large collection of pieces you can mix and match depending on the concept you have in mind. Besides their small centrepieces and huge backdrops and stage decor, you can definitely work with their team as well in design and decorating projects.

2. Prop It Up Toronto

Prop It Up Toronto is one of the best event props and decor companies you can tap into in the neighbourhood. They extend styling services and also allow props rental to their clients. Besides this, they also ventured into balloon decor which is also perfect if the client wants something colourful and huge.

3. Narelle Janine

Focusing on providing a luxurious event setup to their clients, Narelle Janine extends event planning and decorating services to her clients. She’s passionate about delivering and ensuring a seamless event for her clients. Should you decide to work with another planner, she has a specific package for event design only that you can avail.

4. Had Too Have Moments

Has Too Have Moments Toronto Event Props & Decor Companies in Toronto

Had Too Have Moments focuses on telling the client’s story and ensuring to implement elements of their journey into the event design. This allows each of their client to enjoy a unique and memorable event that’s close to their hearts.

5. Magic Flowers Event Rentals

With an impressive collection of decor and furniture pieces for events, Magic Flowers Event Rentals has huge statement standing flowers with a metal base that can make any event more sophisticated. These flowers are also good additions for whimsical or romantic event design.

6. Marquee Letters Toronto

Marquee Letters Toronto is one of the best event props and decor companies in Toronto. They have an impressive library of props that you can explore. Besides rental, they also extend actual decorating and designing services not only for social events but corporate events too.

7. Decora Events

Showcasing their flexibility, Decora Events can accommodate various clients hosting anniversaries, birthdays, galas, corporate events, to even weddings. They can help small and large-scale events in terms of decorating and designing the venue to impress guests.

8. Abbey Road Entertainment

Abbey Road Entertainment

Besides keeping their clients entertained with their gaming arcade, mini sports setups, and more, Abbey Road Entertainment also assists their client’s events through decor rental. Already far from their humble beginnings, they partnered with major clients and built a positive reputation in the industry.

9. Simply Beautiful Decor

Simply Beautiful Decor focus on extending simple yet sophisticated decoration and design to their clients. Catering to weddings and social events mostly, they are still open to working with brands that resonate with their style. For DIY hosts, they also have rental pieces you can explore and consider.

10. Confetti Event Rentals

Another good event decor and design company in Toronto, Confetti Event Rentals got your back. They cater to various events and ensure to deliver beyond their client’s expectations. From indoor to outdoor events, they have pieces that are flexible and foolproof wherever you’re holding the event.

11. Toronto Event Rentals

Claiming to be the number 1 event rental company in Toronto, Toronto Event Rentals boast of their wide library of props and furniture that you can explore for your next event. Furthermore, they created an easy-to-navigate catalogue on their website to make searching as convenient as possible.

13. Maleila Decor

Maleila Decor Toronto

Keeping it simple for their clients, Maleila Decor grouped their props and design setup into various packages. This allowed clients to get a general feel of what they can offer. Additionally, this can also give clients with no idea yet what they want options to get settled.

13. Eclectic Events

Eclectic Events is another event production decor and design company in Toronto. They cater not only to social events but also to corporate clients in need of assistance for brand activations. Moreover, they also extend experiential and environmental design which can help elevate the experience of guests and lead to a more remarkable event.

14. ECHO Events

Leaning more towards corporate events, ECHO Events is a professional event design company in Toronto. They work best with brand activations, VIP galas, brand launches, and others. Because of this, their design work is tailor-fitted to the brand and the inclusion of brand elements is a must.

15. Flower Company

Flower Company is a good choice if you’re looking for a soft and romantic event design setup. Since they are a florist, they put together different blooms depending on the requirement to elevate a space.


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