10+ Best Experience Marketing Agencies in Toronto

It’s a good time to push your marketing strategies to go beyond the digital space and out here in real life. Whether it be for a new product launch or perhaps an activation activity to build a relationship with the target market, we encourage you to go for it. And though the whole planning and execution might be stressful and overwhelming for some, there are 10+ Best Experience Marketing Agencies in Toronto we think would be of great help to you.

10+ Best Experience Marketing Agencies in Toronto

1. Wildbash Events

VintageBash near Pickering

For anything sophisticated, Wildbash Events remain the top of mind for brands in terms of experience marketing agencies. They have an impressive track record over the years — with amazingly planned and designed events. Moreover, they accommodate events on various scales be it for a specific marketing effort or internal celebrations. At the same time, they can also help with store setups and local brand activation activities.

2. Brand Glow Up

Baby Shower 1 10+ Best Experience Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Not only helping their clients with digital marketing efforts, but Brand Glow Up also encourage brands to take it to another level and translate their efforts to offline and in-person. More than brand activations and store setups, they also help them with tradeshows and convention booths that not only represent the brand but are also designed to help them reach their goals.

3. VintageBASH

One of the go-to experience marketing agencies in Toronto, VintageBASH boasts of its excellent clientele and network that can benefit their client. The team behind the company is creative and well-versed in marketing strategies that’ll help you curate a remarkable journey. Besides this, they are also offering rental of their premium and luxury design props and furniture which can suit whatever concept agreed upon.

4. Tigris Events

A leader in brand activation, Tigris Events never disappointed and continued to partner with large brands with their offline marketing efforts. They extend their services for brand and in-store setups, tradeshows and convention booths, and even event launches. Taking their services to another level, they also extend staffing services for brands too!

5. Fervent Events

Fervent Corporate Event Planning & Production Agencies in Toronto

Fervent Events is a good experience marketing agency to work with. They help with guerilla efforts that allow brands to leave a maximum impact and rise above the clutter offline. At the same time, they can also link their clients to local brand ambassadors they can work with to promote the brand in certain areas within the city.

6. The Concierge Club

Looking for a premium marketing agency? The Concierge Club is as good as the one you can ever get in terms of experiential marketing. They understand how to handle high-ticket items and craft an experience that speaks to the target market without bombarding them with information. Besides marketing efforts, they also extend event planning services for high-profile brands and celebrities that are sure to be the next talk of the town.

7. Reef Agency

Reef Experience Marketing Agencies Toronto 10+ Best Experience Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Another one of the excellent experience marketing agencies in Toronto, Reef Agency is a good option. They have a minimalist website but don’t let that fool you! Their expertise goes a long way, having worked with small to big brands in the scene today. At the same time, they are also flexible to the brand needs and ensure to deliver services aligned with their objectives without compromising the brand values.

8. Fuse Create

A full-marketing agency that helps brands get noticed — Fuse Create can help you with your marketing goals. The brand has worked with famous brands in the country and boasts of its impressive portfolio of what it can offer. Their uber-creative team can help you with ideation to execution, making the whole process manageable without losing your brand personality.

9. Taylor

Taylor Experience Marketing Agencies Toronto 10+ Best Experience Marketing Agencies in Toronto

Breaking boundaries, Taylor Inc pushes brands to get creative. They work on unique and attention-worthy projects that go beyond tradition and leave a mark on the target audience. No need to also settle for less, they ensure that you only get the best and more with them. Their impressive clientele also proves that they know what they’re talking about and can help your brand win in life.

10. Astound Group

Astound Group is a good experience marketing company you can work with. They aim to astound and turn the heads of your target market by curating an impactful strategy for the business. At the same time, they also ensure that it aligns with the brand objective and can deliver the desired results of the brand.


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