Standing out from the already saturated market is extremely crucial for brands, especially in the retail industry. With this in mind, brand activation and experiential marketing services are lifesavers! These activities can help attract the attention of potential customers and bridge a connection with your potential market. Also, these allow effective communication of the campaign and appeal to the emotions that can trigger favourable action towards the brand. More than visual design and expertise in decorating, we are Toronto-based brand activation and experiential marketing professionals who can help you craft an initiative that converts traffic to sales.

  • Bespoke Backdrop
  • Props & Decor Rentals
  • Floral Installations
  • Photo Booths
  • Photo Opp Decor Installation
  • Large Scale Props & Fabrications
  • Full Service Planning & Design

Brand Activation & Experiential Marketing Service Providers

  • Be the talk of the town: We can help you have exceptionally-unique brand activation and experiential marketing setups that align with your brand core and objectives. Say goodbye to half-cooked executions because we deliver quality service that lives up to the promise. At the same time, we also house a wide collection of props and pieces we can mix and match depending on the environment you envision.
  • Easy come, easy go: Prompt and punctual, we work within the schedule and ensure that you won’t receive calls to check on ingress and egress. We got this under control and you can focus on the important business things you need to attend to. No need to fuss over the setups or takedowns because we also ensure that we maximize our team’s productivity.

Working on off-season marketing initiatives? Small-scale in-store decorating? We can also help you with these! Drop us a message so we can offer you a specific solution aligned with what you need.