Not sure what to get for Father’s Day? We understand how much a struggle it is to find a good Father’s Day gift without splurging. We’re here to help! We rounded up all the best shops for Father’s Day Gift Baskets and Boxes delivery in Toronto. Each curated to be a suitable but also a practical gift for your dad.

Father’s Day Gift Baskets & Boxes Delivery in Toronto (2021)

1.Floral Bash

Charcuterie Boxes & Grazing Box Delivery Toronto

Not only for flowers, Floral Bash now offers unique Father’s Day gift options. Their comprehensive offerings appeal not only to women but men too. Choose from our fantastic charcuterie boards and premium boxes whatever suits your dad’s preference and the box size you are going for. Also, let us know of their dietary restrictions as we will definitely take these into a note. We offer vegan, gluten-free boxes. Our goal is not only to cater to special occasions but actually satisfy our customers and make the day extra special.

2.Platter Up

Platter Up lives up to their name. They ensure that their charcuterie boards and boxes are artfully arranged and filled just enough. You can choose from their roster of different sizes – whether the individual to a group or party size. Besides the cheesy and meaty goodness of the charcuterie board, they even also offer sweet treats paired with fruits and sandwich boxes. They also deliver anywhere in Toronto.

3.Kace Catering

Brunch Box Grazing

A premier catering company in Toronto, Kace Catering exceeded expectations for the food they serve. They are quite popular for their amazing and delicious food that also looks classy and great. Besides their meals, they also now offer baked sushi platters, vegan charcuterie boards, and picnic boxes! These come in different sizes that can cover up to 7 persons. Also perfect for Father’s Day, you can add a bottle of champagne or wine before check out. With them, you are confident that you get premium quality and service.

4.Cured Catering

Another excellent choice for charcuterie boards and boxes in Toronto, Cured Catering offers comprehensive gift items that suit any occasion. Their charcuterie boards and boxes come in various sizes and packaging – whether in a board, box, or tray. Besides this, they have quite an impressive variety fitting whatever personality your dad has. From juts cheese platter, they also offer antipasto or vegan platter.


Hazeltons Gift Baskets

Hazeltons remain a crowd-favourite for all occasion gift box delivery in Toronto. Popular for their gift baskets and boxes, they have a lot of varieties to choose from. Each is personalized to align with whatever personality your dad may have. Pair gourmet selects with alcohol of choice (go for bourbon or any wine). It may include artisan cheese, cured meat cuts, fruits, pastries, etc.

6.My Baskets

When they said it’s “My Basket“, they actually meant a basket designed for you. With this in mind, you can expect that all their gift baskets are curated just for you. Though these are preselected sets, each bundle includes everything you need for a Father’s Day DIY charcuterie board at home. This is perfect if you aren’t sure of their plans yet so he can have it prepare and indulge in it anytime he wants to.

7.Grazing Platters in the 6ix

Father's Day Gift Baskets & Boxes

Usually fully booked, it’s always best to order early for Grazing Platters in the 6ix. A go-to for all occasions, you can expect that they deliver premium and excellent quality charcuterie boards Choose what best fits your dad or if you’re sharing it with the fam as well. For the sweet tooth, they also have an afternoon tea box that has select pastries and sweet delicacies they’ll love.

8.The Sweet Basket

The Sweet Basket is perfect for Father’s Day! Especially for dads who love chocolates and anything sweet. They have a comprehensive selection of gift baskets with bundles of chocolate and staples just for any dad. You can even go for their bundle that includes beer. Definitely a perfect snack for nibbling while watching TV or working.


Home Run Gift Basket

If you’re looking for Father’s Day charcuterie boards and box delivery in Toronto, You should check out Yorkville’s! Fall in love (and probably want one for yourself) with their comprehensive gift baskets and boxes. They even have bundle fitting for a sporty dad. It includes several bottles of craft beer and snacks. Besides this, they also have cakes and other pastries such as cookie pizza.

10.Hops Collective

If your dad loves both beer and chocolate, Hops Collective has this amazing chocolate beer mug. Sweet and paired well with four bottles of beer. Your dad will definitely enjoy this bundle. Besides this, they also have other unique and excellent gift ideas you can go for. Add cheese, fruit, or an extra bottle of beer if you must! They also offer delivery in Toronto. Indeed perfect for a surprise.

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