Celebrate Father’s Day differently this year and treat them with excellent and unique gift choices. Whatever their personality is, we bet you will find the perfect gift for your dad from the shops listed below. From gift baskets to gift boxes, these shops can deliver wherever they are in Toronto. For the not-so-average dad, we appreciate you! Below are ten of the best Father’s Day gift baskets and boxes delivery in Toronto.

Father’s Day Gift Baskets & Boxes Delivery in Toronto

1.Kace Catering

KACE 1536x1536 1 10 Unique Father's Day Gift Baskets & Boxes Delivery in Toronto

Up for something spectacular? Kace Catering got you! They make any day extra special with their simple yet striking gifts. These may be usual treats but they bring it a level higher with their impeccable attention to details. From packaging, presentation, and taste, they ensure that their product offerings are all prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients possible.

Check out their website to learn more about their charcuterie boards that you can customize whatever size is better and whether your dad prefers the vegan or gluten-free options. Further, they also offer sweet treat boxes that include select pastries and parfaits. These can be easily paired with a bottle of wine.


Not limited to your father, Simon Tea encourages you to also show appreciation to all the men in your lives – husbands, brothers, etc. Through these simple chocolate gift baskets, you can express how grateful you are to have them in your life. Browse through their diverse product offering and choose according to your budget. If you are feeling a bit grander this Father’s Day, why not opt for a huge chocolate gift basket with a bottle of wine!

3.Toronto Blooms

Toronto Blooms Father's Day Gift Baskets

No need to worry! Toronto Blooms also offers fantastic gift ideas besides gorgeous floral arrangements. Take the time to look for excellent Father’s Day gift baskets and boxes they offer and we’re sure you’ll find great finds! They have wine gift baskets and huge chocolate-dipped strawberries to die for. If you are looking for something healthy, you can check out their fruit bouquets. Truly unique and citrusy!

4.Gifts For Every Reason

Gifts For Every Reason commits to their name! They are a go-to for Father’s Day gift baskets and delivery anywhere in Toronto. They have various bundles together, each curated to suit a specific personality. Be it that your dad loves chocolates, biscuits, or even wine and cheese. Whatever you go with, they ensure that you get the most out of your buck.

5.Floral Bash

Brunch Board Toronto Delivery

Another place that is not only popular for its sophisticated floral arrangements, Floral Bash also offers quite impressive gift baskets and boxes for any occasion. Besides their charcuterie boards, another popular gift choice is their picnic brunch boxes. These include yummy waffles, muffins, croissants, smoked salmon, cured meat cuts, cheese and more. A true delight, this box blends sweet and savoury taste perfectly. Besides this, these boxes are also customizable depending on set dietary restrictions. Let us know if they prefer it gluten-free or vegan. We’ll be more than happy to adjust!

6.Sweet Flour

For dads who are also cookie lovers, Sweet Flour is a good place to shop your Father’s Day gift. They offer delicious and tasty cookie boxes that are fitting for the sweetest dad. Show them that you appreciate them even in small gestures. They also offer cookie pizzas that can be personalized to have a dedication. This can be a good surprise for your dad.

7.Hops Collective

Hops Collective Gift Basket

Hops Collective knows best what men would like. They offer comprehensive choices of gift basket and box delivery in Toronto. For all occasions, these are also perfect for Father’s Day. Whether your dad is into chocolates, sports, or even beer, they will surely have something that your dad will undoubtedly love. Offering a comprehensive selection of craft beers, they have domestic, imported, premium, craft and super limited releases!


Yorkville’s remains one of the go-to shops for Father’s Day gift baskets. Another great thing about them is they deliver anywhere in Toronto. They have typical chocolate and gourmet charcuterie boards but they also offer treats bundled with snacks perfect for nibbling while watching a game. Besides this, they also have special cakes and extravagant wine bundles.

9.Present Day Gifts

Father's Day Gift Baskets

Taking gift boxes to the extreme, Present Day Gifts offer game-changer options suiting any personality. Each is curated to align with a specific line of work or personality. From there, the team works to curate a gift box that is not only elegant but functional as well. Their impeccable taste for everything wonderful is reflected through these well-thought-out gifts.


Offering comprehensive gift basket choices, Hazeltons is your one-stop shop for special events in Toronto. They never failed to curate a gift basket and boxes that indulges the receivers. Check out their special Father’s Day gift baskets – from wine and cheese sets, chocolates, or even baked treats. Moreover, they also offer beyond their premade options and allow customers to personalize their basket. This is especially perfect for people who have dietary restrictions and preferences.

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