5 Best Places To Buy Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in Toronto

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is well-loved among plant enthusiasts around the world. Its distinctive foliage characterized by enormous, fiddle-shaped leaves is a true stunner. It’s a fairly large plant that grows tall and upright. In fact, when you find it in its home in West Africa, you’ll see that some fiddle-leaf figs can grow up to 15 meters tall. Any space would benefit from having it in its area.

It is considered a little tough to grow indoors but if you are up for the challenge, we’ve got 5 amazing shops that carry this knockout plant. Do your research and start your green thumb journey today.

  1. Wildhood


In the middle of Toronto Junction at Dundas and Keele is a quaint flower and gift shop that is a true gem. Wildhood carries flowers, bath and body sets, candles, home décor, and everything plant and plant-related.

Are you new to plant life? You can drop by their store and they can help you choose the best plant for your home. They’ve got the coveted Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in stock and they can give you tips on how to grow it indoors, too.

  1. Dynasty Plant Shop

Dynasty Plant Shop

What sets Dynasty Plant Shop apart is the fact that it’s a botanical boutique concentrating on interior design using high-quality plants, cactus, ceramics, and décor. All their plants and products are hand-picked by their team assuring quality for each one. They carry the Fiddle Leaf Fig in different lengths and sizes so you can choose which would look the best for your space.

Make sure to drop by their stores and get their expert opinion on how to creatively use your new Fiddle Leaf Fig to maximize its effect. Dynasty doesn’t just sell plants and décor, they design botanical packages for homes and commercial properties. Check out their work, they work hand in hand with their clients to create original and beautiful spaces centered around botanicals and vessels.

  1. Urban Gardener Toronto


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Urban Gardener Toronto is a shop that truly cares for their clients. They make sure that each one, whether a plant expert or a newbie, is able to make their plants thrive. Tell them what your space is like and what your personalities are, they’ll present great options and lead you away from plants that won’t work for you.

They have partnered with southern Ontario greenhouses to provide you with only the best quality plants. Their shop is open 7 days a week and their customer service is unparalleled. They carry limited supply of in-demand and seasonal plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig so make sure to follow their Instagram to get updated on their latest stock.

  1. Floral Bash

A home of great blooms and greens, fresh or dried, Floral Bash now has plants available in their store as well. Get one of their Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees and be mesmerized everytime you see it in your home or office. Get awesome tips from their in house florists on how to keep yours healthy. They’ll gladly answer all your questions and help you get started on your green thumb journey.

  1. VintageBASH

Are you a plant parent or planning to be one? VintageBASH, known for events and styling, now also carries flowers and plants in their repertoire. They the unique Fiddle Leaf Fig and you can contact them to get your hands on this favorite indoor plant. Not sure how to get started on your plant journey? Their florists can help you get started too.


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