Floral Workshop Classes in Toronto (North York)

Do you want to make a simple arrangement for your living room? Or prepare a creative bouquet for your loved one? Maybe you wish to add a personal touch to your event. We got you covered! Our floral workshop classes in Toronto (North York) are available for beginners and floral designers who want to amp up their skills. We believe creativity, technique, and vision are the essential ingredients for beautiful and impactful floral arrangements. And we are here to guide you on this artistic journey.

Our floral workshop courses offer a blend of practicality and creative fulfillment, covering:

  • The Basics of Floral Design: Gain insights into different types of flowers, their seasonal availability, and selecting the perfect blooms for specific occasions.
  • Flower Handling and Care: Discover the best practices for conditioning, cutting, and preserving flowers, ensuring your arrangements stay fresh longer.
  • Principles of Design: Explore balance, proportion, colour theory, and texture to craft visually pleasing arrangements.
  • Hands-On Arrangement Techniques: With the provided tools and materials, you’ll have ample opportunities to create a variety of arrangements, from simple bouquets to elaborate centrepieces.
  • Special and Seasonal Occasion Arrangements: Adapt your floral design skills to different seasons and events, perfecting holiday arrangements, weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions.

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We Bring the Beautiful Blooms 

All students receive their own floral arrangement kit containing the following:

  • Fresh, in-season local flowers tailored to your chosen colour scheme
  • A carefully selected vase or design container
  • Essential tools and design materials
  • A convenient take-home box

Why You Should Enroll Now 

  • Passionate Instructors – Our team of certified and experienced instructors are experts in their craft and passionate about teaching and sharing their love for flowers.
  • All-Inclusive – We provide all the materials you need, so you can just show up and enjoy the creative process without the hassle of shopping for supplies.
  • Friendly Atmosphere – You’ll meet fellow flower enthusiasts, make new friends, and share laughs while crafting beautiful arrangements.
  • Accessible Location – We’re in the heart of North York, so you can easily access our modern and cozy studio.
  • Certificate of Completion – Upon completing the courses, you’ll receive a certificate of completion—a symbol of your newfound talents and an inspiration to continue your journey in floral design.

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Our floral workshop classes are designed to share our unique design philosophy and knowledge with individuals who love flowers. We also inspire creativity while upholding a high standard of professional training. Through our workshops, we can foster a vibrant community of individuals as passionate about flowers as we are.

Ready to become the next flower prodigy? Call 647-860-7401 today or email us at hello@vintagebash.ca to register. Embrace the artistry of floral design with VintageBASH.