10 Best Floral Design Classes & Courses in Toronto & Ontario

If you are looking for the most comprehensive floral design course in Toronto and Ontario, then look no further than these 10 best floral courses & workshops. These schools offer a variety of levels and topics that will prepare you to become an expert floral designer with both professional knowledge and practical skills.

To become a floral designer, all you need is an interest and some creativity. There are no qualifications required to get started in this field, but if you are interested and wanted to develop a new skill, there here are some floral courses and wokrshops available in Toronto and Ontario.

Flower School & Programs in Toronto & Ontario

1. VintageBASH x Fleur School

VintageBASH, the well-established company renowned for its expertise in wedding decor and floral design, is excited to introduce a game-changing addition to its services. In partnership with Fleur School, their sister company, they now offer Floral Design Courses & workshops, igniting the passion and honing the skills of flower enthusiasts.

These courses are available both in-person (in Toronto, North York) and online, ensuring accessibility for all. VintageBASH’s Floral design programs cater to a diverse audience. Whether you’re an aspiring florist seeking to transform your love for flowers into a thriving career or a seasoned professional looking to refine your craft, these courses deliver a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience. Participants are guaranteed to acquire the essential skills required to excel in the competitive world of wedding floristry.

2. Toronto Flower School

Floral Design Course in Toronto and Ontario

The Toronto Flower School is a private, independent school that offers its own curriculum and floral design course selection. Their mission is to not only meet your goals but exceed them with fresh and contemporary floral design classes, working closely alongside wholesalers in order for you to get the best experience possible.

3. Seneca College – Floral Design Course

Floral Design Course in Toronto and Ontario

The Seneca College floral design certificate program provides students with the tools to create a floral design that is both aesthetically pleasing and financially sound. In their Floral Lab, you will get a chance to put what you have learned into practice with hands-on experiments. You will learn all about design, from how it is created and why some designs work better than others.

4. Canadian Institute of Floral Design

Floral Design Course in Toronto and Ontario

The Canadian Institute of Floral Design has been setting the standard for career-oriented educational training in floral design since 1988. They are North America’s largest independent, professional floral design college with a well-recognized program that provides students access into Canada’s thriving industry as it continues growing stronger year after year due in part to their efforts.

Their three-week Professional Floral Design Program provides a comprehensive learning experience for those who are interested in gaining skills and knowledge of all aspects of flower design. Course.

5. Toronto Botanical Garden

Floral Design Course in Toronto and Ontario

The Floral Design Course of Toronto Botanical Garden offers an effective educational experience in floral design. This series of hands-on integrated flower courses are discussed by accredited floral designers from some local garden clubs, and they are perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about this highly competitive field.

6. Bloom School

Floral Design Course in Toronto and Ontario

Bloom School is on a mission to bring modern, fresh approaches into the world of floral education. From their office in Canada, they are working with partners all over North America and Europe towards this goal.

7. Ontario Colleges – Floral Design

Floral Design Course in Toronto and Ontario

Ontario Colleges will offer students the chance to gain certificates in flower workshop programs that combine lab work with field experience. Students are expected to spend time learning about arrangement and designs while also studying botany, artistry skills like composition, or drawing up plans for new arrangements which they can then create themselves if desired.

8. Fanshawe College – Floral Design and Botany

Floral Design Course in Toronto and Ontario

This course covers the design and practical application of floral arrangements. Symmetrical and asymmetrical flower arrangements are covered including horizontal vase presentations, round vertical flower pots for bouquets or corsages.

9. Georgian College – Floral Classes

7 - Floral Design Course in Toronto and Ontario

Their floral classes will provide students with hands-on training in modern, traditional, and exotic floral designs. They will learn how to identify fresh flowers or plants as well as care for them properly so that their arrangement can last up until its delivery time. In addition, all materials needed during weekly projects are included at no extra cost, which means you could be getting some pretty amazing creations after just one week into this class.

10. Frankie Flowers

Floral Design Course in Toronto and Ontario

Whether you are looking for a short course, certificate, or degree in horticulture and flower design course, there is something available here. If your goal is to make a career out of it or learn more about plants on occasion, then take advantage of their flower workshop programs.

11. Thornhill Market Florist

Floral Design Course in Toronto and Ontario

Their floral classes are a great opportunity for people who are interested in design and creativity. You will learn basic principles of designing, as well as apply those skills to create something that you can display at home or share with friends or family members. They offer Basic Beginning Class, Bubble Bowls, Wreaths, and Holiday flower design course.

Learn from the Best Floral Design Courses in Toronto & Ontario

Floral designers are more than just someone who can design flowers, they are artists. They use creativity and knowledge of flower arrangements to suit the requests or needs their clientele have for them.

When you need a floral design gift for your loved ones or fresh flowers in Toronto and Ontario, there is no better place than vintagebash.ca and floralbash.ca. Whether you want a luxury flower bouquet or an extravagant arrangement, they have just what your heart desires at competitive prices, with expert service that will impress any guest who receives it as well.

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