10 Best Floral Design Courses & Training Programs in Toronto (Canada)

Since we were asked to stay at home for almost a year, we learned how to create a balance for a lot of things in our lives. Through juggling work and life in general, we got more time to allocate wisely. Most of us have a newfound hobby or some even have revisited few things they’ve been interested in for years back. For flower enthusiasts, one may fancy enrolling in floral design courses and training programs in Toronto. If you’re that person, we got you! Check out these amazing florists/flower shops that host their own courses and start handcrafting your own floral design journey.

10 Best Floral Design Courses & Training Programs in Toronto (Canada)


Being a go-to event planning and decor company in Toronto, they expanded their services to also offer flower decoration courses for interested students. VintageBash has an amazing team who will take you step by step and teach you what they do best but also encouraging you to nurture your style. Learn how to make chic and sophisticated floral arrangements using fresh, satin and dried flowers from them.

2.ICS Canada

An excellent florist design course in Toronto, ICS Canada caters not only to beginners but to novice florists as well. As a renowned institution, they offer a diploma for anyone who finishes their online flower design course. They also cover essential topics such as the elements and principles of design – from the line, space, texture, colour, balance, and more. Beyond this, they even touch on points as an entrepreneur offering service for corporate to social events.

3.Toronto Flower School

toronto floral school

Infusing the world with beauty and flair, Toronto Flower School offers one of the most remarkable flower arrangement courses in the area. Ran by a devoted and excellent florist herself, you can enjoy hands-on teachings and learn practical advice here. True to numbers, this school has an average of 9 out of its 10 students who were able to start their own floral design business.

4.Seneca College

Seneca offers quite comprehensive courses ideally for people in every walks of life. Through their flower arrangement courses, they touch on the important things one must know in floral design. From basic knowledge to artistry, they bring excellent lessons that you can apply in case you pursue a track in the floral industry. Be a seasoned retail florist or a floral designer for events with their help.

5.Delight Floral + Design

delight floral design

Stay delighted and craft amazing floral bouquets through enrolling with Delight Floral + Design. As one of the best places for floral design courses, they ensure that one learns about the basics of flower arrangement to retailing skills. Learn how to create a dazzling hand-tied bouquet, wreaths, decorative centrepieces, and more – all practical and easily applied to the business.

6.Bloom School

With the belief that one blooms at their own time and pace, Bloom School offers floral design courses and training for interested folks. They are committed to bringing a fresh and modern approach to this traditional art. With that in mind, they curated different courses for beginners or even novice florists already. At the end of this course or training, they assure you that your key takeaway stays with you and will help you excel on this career path.

7.Botany Floral Studio

botany floral studio

One look at their website and it just says bespoke everywhere. Botany Floral Studio conducts pop-up flower arrangement training for aspiring florists or just curious people who are interested in the art. Fun and definitely inspiring, they curate each workshop to be as personalized as possible. This is for easier absorption and application of their techniques. Choose from their selection of short classes – be it bonsai using greeneries, or crafting a bouquet using fancy pastel blooms.

8.Stok Floral & Design

Get your hands dirty with Stock Floral & Design. Beyond the usual floral design courses that teach you basic arrangements such as hand-tied bouquets to wreaths, they go beyond to touch on terrariums or dish gardens. Great for interior design, they also include landscaping whether in-store, private, or even remote workshops. Check out their website to learn more.

9.Wild North Flowers

dried flowers in vase

We promise you that this will be fun. Wild North Flowers is known for their vibrant and punny flower arrangements that just catches the attention of people. Learn from their creative florist and unleash boundless creativity afterwards. Craft your bouquet and discover your style at the end of the classes. With them, you can learn how to work with colours and fresh or dried flowers.

10.Niagara College

Ace your next flower arrangement course from Niagara College. They have an amazing syllabus that covers everything you need to know about floral arrangements. Further, they also teach their students some of the basic arrangements such as hand-tied bouquets, wreaths, flower crowns, and more. You can also earn a diploma upon completion of this said course.

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