5 Best Floral Shops for Flower Delivery in Markham

We just can’t get enough of flowers, and I get why. They’re lovely, mood-lifting, and of course, romantic. Besides this, it is a good addition to accentuate any space and bring warmth anywhere. A reminder of goodwill and love, it picks up the mood easily and makes just any day even better.

Flowers also go well for any day or occasion, bringing beauty to see and comfort for everyone. But with so many options online in Markham (or even the whole of Toronto), we may feel overwhelmed at times but don’t fret as we got you. Here are five best shops for flower delivery in Markham that also offers curbside pickup option. You can place an order via their online flower shop 24/7. Check each of the shops and find which one speaks to you.

1.Floral Bash

Flowers MarkhamDried Pampas TorontoFlower Box MarkhamFloral Bash Flower Bouquet for Curbside Pick Up in Markham

Floral Bash is a go-to flower shop for almost anything you need. They offer modern and stylish flower arrangements that are perfect for anyone and in any day as a pick-me-up. Using freshly-picked and premium blooms, they style these into these stunning blooms that are as straightforward as it may get but leaving the most genuine impression on the receiver. Each floral arrangement they help create is treated as if making your dreams come true.

2.Floral Diva by Grignano

Floral Diva by Grignano Floral Bouquet for Curbside Pick Up and Delivery

Brighten up any day with floral arrangements of Floral Diva by Grignano! Go through their online catalogue and feel sunny and warm with their pieces that use colourful and vivid blooms that are perfect for any day. They offer arrangements too for funerals or to express sympathy. Something to look at is their flower subscription. You may select the motif you prefer-be it bright floral, seasonal flowers, or plants. You may also opt for pick up.


Pictus Flower Bouquet for Curbside Pick Up in Markham

Pictus styles their arrangements in an unstructured, bloom-heavy, and easy to recreate. They also use both local and imported blooms in each of their arrangements. As straightforward as they aim to be, you may place your order online and select from their three sizes available for the bouquets. Select your preferred palette and gift card. They are conscious of minimising their footprint and wraps their bouquets in kraft brown paper. You can even opt to subscribe for a week, month, bi-annual, or even a full year.

4.Hanako Floral Studio

Hanako Flower Bouquet for Curbside Pick Up in Markham

Hanako Floral Studio is an epitome of class, elegance, and minimalism in floral arrangements. Rooting from Japan, Hanako means “flower girl”, and it’s not surprising how sweet and kawaii their pieces are. The fresh blooms used in each are carefully selected and styled using muted, earthy colours in their packaging that bring out its natural beauty and charm. Besides their flower offerings, they also conduct their workshops to teach you how to make your bouquet they Hanako way. By availing this, you also get the blooms and tools so you can do it yourself at home.

5.Florida Flowers

Florida Flowers Arrangement for Curbside Pick Up in Markham

Make your loved one feel extra special with Florida Flowers‘ arrangements. They use only the freshest and premium blooms in their pieces. Easily customisable based on your needs and preference, you get a dazzling floral arrangement that’s perfect for you and your loved one. Besides this, you may easily go through their existing collection, and you may find something that’ll speak to you.

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