5 Best Shops for Flower Delivery in Toronto (GTA & Ontario)

Send beautiful flowers to special someone today! Never underestimate what floral arrangements can do for you—in terms of decor as it accentuates the space, making it more alive and full. Also, blooms are not just visually pleasing but also helps create a mood. Specific arrangements with soft, muted colours make us feel at peace, and romantic while bright colour combination gives off a joyful feel. Putting this into perspective, these carefully selected and styled blooms are not just tiny additions but instead bring more meaning into the moment.

Whether you’re looking for a flower bouquet, flower arrangements with cards, hand-tied flowers, flower boxes, roses… this article got you covered. Most of these flower shops offer flower delivery services within Toronto & GTA. Some can even do same-day delivery. Make any extra event special with wonderfully-styled floral arrangements. Here are five of the best flower delivery shops in Toronto. Go through our list and select which of them fits you most.

Flower Delivery in Toronto & GTA

1. Floral Bash

Accentuate your space with Floral Bash‘s luxury-style floral arrangements. They have different offerings that range from minimal bouquets to lush, soft, and whimsical arrangements. Using fresh blooms, dried flowers, and plants, Floral Bash caters to any arrangement taste and needs—be it anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, or even funerals. When getting your loved one or yourself a bouquet, don’t forget to include a grazing box as they offer it too!

2. Vintage Bash

Offering floral arrangements that start with dainty centrepieces, greeneries to extravagant floral archs and backdrops, you will never go wrong with Vintage Bash. Their arrangements are breathtaking, with blooms carefully selected and put together in their pieces giving off a rustic, shabby chic feel. Even though they offer arrangements using faux, silk blooms, and tree decors, it won’t be far off with real blooms.  Besides this, you can also rent love seats, frames, or even flower carts.

3. Coriander Girl

Coriander Girl Flower Arrangement

Coriander Girl is popular for its garden-inspired floral arrangements. While working for a landscape design company, the florist got the idea, followed her heart, and now runs the company. Not going too far from how flowers naturally grow in a garden, her floral arrangement style is described as organic, asymmetrical, and never contrived. Should you love gifting flowers, you may also subscribe to Coriander Girl for six or twelve months that’ll allow you to choose arrangements at different price points.

4. Periwinkle Flowers

Periwinkle Flower Arrangement

With a vision, Periwinkle Flowers works closely with the community. They carry seasonal flowers that emphasise their support for locally grown flowers. Her arrangements are known as colourful and whimsical, yet giving off a comfortable feel. It’s also worth to check their plant selections. They offer potted plants perfect for tending at home. Periwinkle Flowers also offers a subscription of 10% off for four arrangements that may be delivered weekly, monthly, or as preferred.

5. Wild North Flowers

Wild North Flowers is not voted as the best florist in Toronto for nothing. They only using Ontario blooms all year round supporting local with each arrangement is styled with at least eight varieties of blooms. To add, they curate arrangements that are artful, show-stopping and quirky. It is also worth mentioning how witty they name their arrangements that show off their creativity (e.g. Lavender Spritz, Mouline Rouge). Open to deliver daily, they even a subscription program. Besides this, they also offer virtual training for aspiring florists.

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