Have someone special you want to surprise? Go for light pink and hot pink roses for a refreshing take to the usual red coloured blooms. Though different in colour, these pink roses still are special on their own. They generally depict femininity, sweetness, and elegance but this also goes further deeper depending on the shade. Here are the 5 Best Flower Shops to Buy Light Pink Roses & Hot Pink Roses in Toronto. All are reputable florists in the Greater Toronto Area and will surely deliver a lovely bouquet for your significant other.

5 Best Flower Shops to Buy Light Pink Roses & Hot Pink Roses

1. Floral Bash

flower shops to buy light pink roses

One of the most trusted flower shops in Toronto, Floral Bash never disappoints with its chic, bohemian, and rustic touch on its floral arrangements. They have a couple of combinations you can choose from but if you’re going for the full pink bouquets, check out their Pinky Promise Bouquet and Hot Love Bouquet. Quite flexible, they can custom huge bouquets of 50 to 200 stems of your choice pink rose. You can also request should you opt for hand-tied bouquets, vase arrangements, boxed flowers, or something specific.

2. Vintage Bash

Pink Flower Box Toronto

Though mainly catering for events and wedding floral decor needs, Vintage Bash still has a few pink roses hidden in the stash. They are one of the best flower shops to buy light pink roses and hot pink roses so it’s not surprising that they have a couple of bouquet arrangements that you can check out — from hand-tied, vase, box, and more. Drop them a message and order custom light pink or hot pink roses arrangements for gifting. They’ll be more than happy to help and deliver it by selecting the dedicated driver add-on before checkout. Not only that, but you can also add treat boxes if you’re feeling more generous.

3. Toronto Bulk Flowers

toronto bulk roses light purple

If you intend to go big, we suggest checking out Toronto Bulk Flowers. They import and source flowers including roses in bulk so you can have more flexibility in what you have in mind. Since this is also in bulk, you can get quite a great deal with their bundles. Staying true to sweetness, elegance, and romance it embodies, pink roses are perfect to make someone feel adored without going overboard with the red passionate roses.  Huge roses with a minimum of 50 stems up to hundreds are accommodated here.

4. Toronto Flower Gallery

toronto flower gallery flower shops to buy light pink roses

Charm your way and express your affection with Toronto Flower Gallery’s fresh dozen of stunning pink roses. As one of the best flower shops to buy light pink roses and hot pink roses in, you can choose either light or hot pink depending on which suits your intentions. Totally customizable, you can choose whether to just add Baby’s Breath or combine it further with greeneries. Moreover, you can also opt for either a hand-tied bouquet or vase arrangement that’ll be amazing to brighten up a room and bring some life inside the space.

5. Hill’s Florist

flower shops to buy light pink roses

A neighbourhood favourite flower shop to buy light pink and hot pink roses in Toronto, Hill’s Florist never disappoints. They have a wide catalogue of floral arrangements and flowers to choose from. But what stands out is their premade Amelia’s Garden. This is perfect for those who don’t want to be more particular yet can appreciate what skilled florists have in mind. In each, you can find a couple of pink blooms in different shades complemented by burgundy snapdragons, alstroemeria and touches and limonium.

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