5 Best Flower Shops in Richmond Hill (Available for Delivery)

Businesses are evolving and so does the flower shops in Richmond Hill. From in-store shopping, they are now maximizing deliveries and made use of alternatives such as curbside pickup.

There are countless of flower shops you can choose from. To effectively choose one, the flower shop has to match the special someone you are sending them to. And if you think it’s too tedious to narrow them down, we have listed the best flower shops you can choose from.

1. Floralbash

Floral Bash ready for delivery

For flower bouquets that make you feel the sincerity and pureness of love, Floralbash has got it for you. They offer palettes that are immaculate. From neutrals to pastels, even dried flowers and fresh eucalyptus arrangements, that will surely give off the sense of lasting love. This shop is also offering add-ons for their bouquets. For more personalized arrangments, they allow collaborations with clients. What more can we ask for, right? They are open for both deliveries and curbside pickup in Richmond Hill so you only have to worry about what to wear on your special day!

  • website: www.floralbash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5B, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

2. Romance Flowers | Floral + Design

Romance Flowers ready for delivery

Let your passion be conveyed with the floral arrangements made by Romance Flowers.  When design and creativity combine, a bouquet from this shop will come about. Their art of flower arrangement will surely draw a radiant response from your loved ones. Deluxe designs you can get for a price that wouldn’t hurt your bank – what a dream, right?  From seasonal flowers to classic ones, they offer versatile palettes that can fit any personality. Lovingly created, you are assured how exquisitely they will arrange your order. Unquestionably, one of Richmond Hill flower shops you need to check out.

3. Wintergreen Florist 冬青花店

WINTERGREEN FLORIST ready for delivery

Looking for a flower shop that provides the most soul-soothing arrangements? Wintergreen Florist is one of the few  Richmond Hill flower shops that have the mastery of translating the zen of flowers into breathtaking designs. Because of the manner in which they incorporate Ikebana (Japanese way of flower arranging) into their bouquets, they effortlessly transform them into something surreal. They offer bouquets with hydrangeas blended with other blooms, adding even more beauty that takes it into an otherworldly sight. It’s comforting to know that the exquisite arrangements they offer are open for deliveries and curbside pickup.

4. Tatiana’s Flowers Shop and Decoration Center

Tatiana's Flowers Shop and Decoration Center ready for delivery
No, it’s not a painting. It’s an arrangement from Tatiana’s Flowers Shop and Decoration Center! Guarantees to deliver a masterpiece, they create the perfect bouquet that is seemingly painted for the ones you love. Made even more exceptional for special occasions, you are assured that every order they create is done with passion and utmost creativity. This shop is open daily from Monday to Sunday, so a lover from Richmond Hill can have it delivered or choose curbside pickup

  • website: www.ludaflower.com
  • address:  9631 Yonge St #2b, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0M5, Canada

5. FlowerSmart

FlowerSmart ready for delivery and pickupThe simple thought of giving flowers can make you smile, what more if you are the one receiving them. FlowerSmart is a shop you can depend on when it comes to vibrant palettes of flower arrangements. However, they are also offering pastel-colored arrangements for a person who loves dainty. One of the established Richmond Hill flower shops, they guarantee to create arrangments that are perfect for every occasion.

We still have a lot of flower shops to share with you, so stay with us for more!

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