With Peri-Peri as the colour of the year, it’s not surprising how the interest in the lilac and light purple roses skyrocketed. Given that roses remain one of the top choices for bouquets, we realized that getting to know this royal colour is important. It has an eye-catching charm that’s a surprisingly great alternative to the usual colours. Lilac or light purple also appeals for romantic intentions — love or enchantment. Without much ado, we rounded up the five best flower shops to buy lilac and light purple roses in Toronto.

5 Best Flower Shops to Buy Lilac and Light Purple Roses

1. Floral Bash

floralbash flowers toronto 415 5 Best Flower Shops to Buy Lilac and Light Purple Roses

When looking for a shop to buy fresh and luxury flowers, Floral Bash has a wide variety of flowers and arrangements for their customers. They have light purple roses that are perfect for gifting — when you feel like you’re smitten with your loved one. Mix and match with lovely fresh white flowers and greeneries for a more rustic yet chic Go for a hand-tied bouquet, but if you’re looking for something more long-lasting, opt for a vase or a box.

2. Bloomen

bloomen lilac roses toronto

Bloomen is one of the best online flower shops in Toronto to acquire lilac roses. These light purple-coloured roses can imply love or adoration to the receiver. At the same time, this is also perfect to express adoration to someone you intend to get to know more. Moreover, this shop also offers fresh quality flowers that can be arranged in a bouquet, box, or even vase. If you intend to go beyond the usual arrangement, they also have the premium everlasting lilac roses enclosed in a clear acrylic box, adorned with pearls and personalized notes.

3. Flower Company

flower company lilac roses toronto

Roses are popular inclusions on floral arrangements but to make it extra special, why not opt for the other lovely rose colours such as light purple. Meaning also wishes of success or implication of royalty that comes next after love, this flower is a good option for gifting. Flower Company takes this opportunity to mix and match according to the best-selling blooms balanced by white and greeneries. Not only this, but you can also go for contemporary and wild arrangements that go beyond the classic setups and more.

4. Toronto Bulk Flowers

toronto bulk roses light purple

Lavender rose is an eye-catching and romantic colour that is a great choice to gift a special person. Allowing you to go big, Toronto Bulk Flowers supplies bulk and wholesale flowers perfect for events such as weddings and other events. This is perfect for surprises and if you’re considering going grand with the hundred stemmed bouquet of light purple roses. They commit to delivering beautiful, breathtaking and fabulous arrangements to their clients that they will surely make the mood more loveable in the long run.

5. 416 Flowers

416 flowers lilac roses toronto

Gifting flowers to a loved one is one of the most thoughtful things that you can do in a relationship. 416 Flowers got your back with their wide collection of roses or any flower selections that you prefer. Not only limited to the usual shades, but they also have stunning fresh lilac roses. They aim to provide their clients with a fantastic arrangement that allows the recipient to be happier and at the same time appreciate the sender. You can also mix and match the blooms for a more personalized and memorable experience.

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