5 Best Flower Shops to Buy Tulips

If you think roses are overrated, tulips are great alternatives. Their bulb-like petal sure looks cute and dainty which is why they are also a crowd favourite in terms of gifting flowers. Like roses, each colour also comes in different meanings but in general, tulips signify new beginnings as they also bloom during spring. A classic choice for loved ones, we recommend for you to check out these 5 Best Flower Shops to Buy Tulips in Toronto:

5 Best Flower Shops to Buy Tulips

1. Floral Bash

On Fleek · Tulips Bouquet (Limited Edition)

Make someone smile with lovely red and white tulips on fleek by Floral Bash. They are one of Toronto’s reputable flower shops that offer premium selections of arrangements and luxurious gifts for significant others. These bouquets are wrapped in brown wrappers for a more rustic and natural look. You can also request a custom arrangement should you have a specific preference.

Besides this, they are also open for surprise deliveries that you can arrange and leave a special note for the receiver. If you’re feeling a bit more generous, you can also check out their charcuterie boxes and treat boxes that they can surely enjoy.

2. Simply Flowers Toronto

simply flowers toronto tulips

Looking for specific tulip colour? Check out Simply Flowers Toronto‘s wide collection of tulip arrangements. They have different arrangements and styles that you can choose from that are also workable with your budget. You may opt for a single colour, mixed tulip colours, or go big with mixed flowers in a bunch. Furthermore, they have yellow, red, orange, pink, and purple tulips to go for. Not only limited to that, you can also add stuffed animals, balloons, boxed chocolates, and other delightful options upon delivery.

3. Blooms Toronto

blooms toronto

Definitely blooming, Blooms Toronto has a couple of arrangements prepared with love and care in mind. You can check out their catalogue and choose which arrangement suits what you need. They have several arrangements that you can choose from – single coloured tulip bouquets, elegant multi-coloured bouquets and boxed set options, and lastly, they also have mixed flower arrangements in a vase. With so much thought into what they do, they have suggestions if you’re gifting an arrangement to your significant other, friend, coworker, or family member.

4. Flower Creations

flower creations

Bring sunshine to one’s day with a bouquet of gorgeous fresh tulips and here’s Flower Creations to help you with that. They have a wide library of flower arrangements you can choose from. Not only these, but you can also request for a custom bouquet if you’re looking for something more personalized for your loved one. There is also an option to add Godiva chocolates too.

5. 416 Flowers

416 flowers tulips toronto

Because tulips are seasonal flowers, 416 Flowers encourage you to take advantage of the spring season and gift your significant other a lovely tulip bouquet. They have a wide collection of arrangements that showcases different colours and style. Moreover, there are different colours of tulip available that signifies different intentions and messages intended to the receiver. There are single coloured collections, duo-tone tulips, and if you’re looking for a more dyanmic arrangement, multicoloured tulips and flowers too.

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