5 Best Flower Shops in Toronto Downtown

The era of romance is ever-evolving but flowers will always be an eternal symbol of love and affection. While it’s nice to make someone feel special by giving a bouquet of flowers during this COVID season, a better and safer way to sweeten up a moment and fire up affection is by sending over flowers or choosing curbside pickup.

Though walk-in shopping is not an option to have a sight of these lovely arrangements, flower shops will continue to be instruments of love by providing contactless transactions of deliveries and curbside pickup. Just by a few clicks, there’s no stopping the lover in you. So here are the best flower shops in Downtown Toronto that are open during COVID-19 for a romantic on the go!

1. Floral Bash

Offering modern, boho and stylish bouquets, anyone’s day would brighten up just by the sight of their flowers. As modern as they get, they also offer fresh eucalyptus bouquets, dried flowers, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and charcuterie box. Flowers designed by them will surely take your loved ones’ breath away. Open daily for deliveries or curbside pickup, the variety of blooms they offer will truly bring out a pleasant smile on your loved one’s face.

2. Pistil flowers

A curbside pickup ready arrangement. Elegance in deed.

Flowers with black accents scream sophistication. Pistil Flowers has definitely mastered the art of balancing softness and statement. Anyone who will receive flowers curated by them will definitely feel the respect and admiration of the sender. They have a variety of arrangements as well that will suit any personality. From bold and class to sweet and cheerful – name it! They might just have what you are looking for. With their two branches, this shop really is convenient for curbside pickup transactions – perfect for a Downtown Toronto lover.

  • website: www.pistilflowers.com
  • address: 100 King Street West, PO Box 383, Toronto, ON | 181 Bay Street, PO Box 788, Toronto, ON

3. Botany Floral Studio

Creativity and beauty ready for curbside pickup

Did you say creative? Well, I heard you. If you want flower designs out of the ordinary, Botany Floral Studio is definitely the flower shop for you. Apart from flower bouquets and baskets, they offer out of this world terrariums, compotes, flowers in mason jars, and more. Specializing in rustic theme arragnement, they surely bring in cottage cozy vibes. This shop is an expert in marrying beauty and creativity in a bundle of flowers and other materials. Definitely worth the curbside pickup shop!

  • website: www.botanyflowers.ca
  • address: 626 College Street, Toronto, ON | 77 Portland Street, Toronto, ON

4. Bloomen

Preserved roses for curbside pickup

If you are aiming to give a luxurious feel to your special someone, Bloomen is another shop you have to consider for your contactless curbside pickup. You can choose from heavenly fresh flowers to preserved ones. Designed for extreme elegance, their fresh flower arrangements are to live for.  They also offer pristine roses that are preserved to last for an eternity. For sentimental people, this hits right off the bat. Ranging from four up to 25 preserved roses, you can definitely achieve an eternal message of love without breaking the bank. Besides, who wouldn’t want an everlasting rose that can sit pretty for a long time?

  • website: www.bloomen.ca
  • address: 301-500 King Street West Toronto, ON

5. Wild North Flowers

Fairytale vibe available for curbside pickup

For a whimsical bouquet of flowers, Wild North Flowers has got your back. Seemingly straight out of a fairytale book, their flower designs are truly mesmerizing and one worth the purchase. They specialize in designing flowers that can immediately transport you to fairytale land. Ranging from a variety of breathtaking beautiful hues, this flower shop has definitely upped the game of curbside pickup transactions. Who would have thought that receiving flowers can bring this much feeling of magic?

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