5 Best Flower Shops In Woodbridge (Ontario)

Remember the first time you fell in love? Perhaps, that feeling of receiving or sending your first bouquet? Show that classic romantic in you and drive down memory lane by having a glimpse of these flower shops in Woodbridge. You can place an order via their online flower shop 24/7. They offer a wide array of services from curbside pickup or delivery. So you may fully experience romance at the convenience and safety of your own home!

For your own slice of paradise that you may want to share with your loved ones, go through our recommendation of 5 best flower shops in Woodbridge. For last-minute flower orders, please call prior to placing your order.

1. FloralBash

Red Roses Flower Bouquet woodbridgeRed Pink Bouquet Delivery woodbridgeLush Dried Flower Arrangement woodbridgewoodbridge Flower Arrangementwoodbridge Huge Flower Bouquet DeliveryFlower Box Delivery woodbridgeChocolate Covered Strawberries woodbridge Sweet Treat BoxCharcuterie Box Delivery King CityLike stars in the night, flower bouquets from FloralBash are whimsy to gaze upon. They have the perfect combo of artistry and passion. As a result, they can certainly bring sparkles to your loved one’s eyes. Also offering unique designs such as dried flowers, fresh eucalyptus designs, and other add-ons that sure can be perfect for just about any occasion. Order online 24/7.

  • website: www.floralbash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave West, Unit 5B, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9

2. Immanuel Florists

Immanuel Florist available for delivery in Woodbridge area

You might hear songs of angels at the sight of floral designs from Immanuel Florist. Offering bouquets that are immaculate, this flower shop in Woodbridge is perfect to show your loved ones some pure, innocent devotion. Their arrangements would definitely bring an impeccable view to any space. Consisting of a minimum of 8 flower variety, Immanuel florist arrangements are all custom made and designed in their signature style – truly befitting an exceptional love or occasion. Visit their website to see more!

3. O’Flowers

O'Flowers shop ready for delivery in WoodbridgeLeave your special someone in awe by giving them a bouquet from O’Flowers. Mastering the blend of jewel-toned flowers, we are certain that your loved ones will feel treasured like the most precious gems at first sight of their designs. In addition, they are perfect for any occasion or in quickly turning an ordinary day into one of life’s most cherished moments. This flower shop in Woodbridge is open for curbside pickup and delivery – best for safe transactions!

  • website: www.oflowers.ca
  • address: 5731 Hwy 7 Unit 22B, Woodbridge, ON L4L 4Y9, Canada

4. Primavera Flowers & More Ltd.

Primavera Flowers ready to deliver in WoodbridgeSend your loved ones on a trip to a European garden by giving a bouquet of flowers created by Primavera Flowers & More Ltd.  Staying true to their brand, they design flowers in an intricate and premium way that can transport you to the gardens of Paris. Ranging from pastel palettes to vibrant ones, bouquets from them are perfect for any event or occasion. Go to their website and check out the availability of your preferred arrangements.

5. VintageBash

VintageBash near WoodbridgeFeeling like a Victorian royalty? Then VintageBash may be your best option! They don’t only cater to your floral needs but also offer a wide selection of services. Guaranteed to transform spaces, they can provide service for any event or intimate affairs. From signs, balloons, lighting, and so much more! They are definitely a one-stop-shop for all your events needs! Be sure to connect with them by visiting their website!

  • website: www.vintagebash.ca
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 5, Toronto, Ontario M3K1Z9


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