Let your brand be the talk of the town. Make your corporate partners happy, customers feel even more special, and attract new investors with impressively-designed corporate gala and brand activation events. Whether it be for a specific product launch, brand announcements, press release, or a thanksgiving party for partners, we can help you come up with a professional event design that’s true to the brand’s core. True professionals in event design, we are a Toronto-based event decorator that’s dedicated to helping you in planning and strategizing for highly-remarkable brand impact and retention.

Corporate Gala Decorator & Event Design Services

  • Let’s talk shop, but make it fun: Since these events are often held after our 9-5, employees and partners are not as enthusiastic to talk about work. But we’re here to help you make it visually pleasing, enjoyable, and professional. Our team can help you come up with an event design that’s true to the brand — from its colours, inclusions of elements, and feel. We’re not only focused on a stunning setup but we pay attention to brand touchpoints that help the client achieve their set objectives.
  • Tailor-fitted and fuss-free: Putting a value on our commitment to providing unique and high-standard event design, we also ensure that we extend assistance that solves almost every problem laid out. Need us ready by a specific time? Consider it done. Need us to take everything down right after the event? Done already. We work with schedules so you don’t need to check with us every now and then. You get to focus on other event aspects and hopefully, have a good time too.

Need something small for a launch? Perhaps something localized and within a store? We are happy to extend our ala carte services which allows us to curate something that’s specific to what you need. Big or small event design setups, we are here to assist.