15+ Best Gala Event Planners in Toronto

Planning an event is already a pain, but galas are even more stressful to plan and execute. With this, it’s best to work with a professional gala event planner in Toronto that you can trust. Some have an impressive track record of planning luxurious events but there are small start-ups that built quite a reputation from their previous projects. To make things a bit easier for you, here are 15+ Best Gala Event Planners in Toronto that you can work with!

15+ Best Gala Event Planners in Toronto

1. Vintage Bash

dried flowers

With an amazing track record, Vintage Bash is a good choice for anything glam and chic. You can work with their team and align how to make your dream event come true. Furthermore, they have a wide collection of event furniture and decor that you can rent too. This makes the whole planning less stressful and more enjoyable. Additionally, they have satin flowers that you can also explore and use if you’re going for something grand but want to look for a more affordable alternative.

2. RSG Events

RSG Events is one of the best gala planners in Toronto that you can consider. They are flexible and can plan various events such as corporate, weddings, or fancy social events. Through their extensive 20 years of experience, they are able to build a wide network with other event vendors which can cover everything you may need. Depending on what’s needed, they extend a day itself coordination assistance or full-planning services.

3. SJ Soiree

Leave everything to SJ Soiree and they’ll take the lead in planning and executing a memorable gala event for you and your social circles. Through their previous projects, it’s reflected how committed they are to crafting a minimalist but elegant event. Because of this, it’s also not a surprise that they are featured by industry leaders in Toronto.

4. Designed Dream

Designed Dream Gala Event Planners

Talking about making dreams come true, Designed Dream deserves to be one of the best gala event planners in Toronto. They ensure to take the client’s vision and come up with a deliberate plan for a luxurious event. They were able to plan 350 events within their 10 years of experience in the business.

5. Rebecca Chan

One of Toronto’s finest events planners, Rebecca Chan boasts of their elegant and sophisticated events in the past. Mainly catering to weddings, they still were able to come up with an astonishing set-up that’ll be the talk of the town for the years to come.

6. POP Events

Experts in planning corporate or social events, POP Events understands the assignment and ensures to come up with a plan that communicates the purpose of the gathering. They creatively implement event-specific features which allow the gala to be more tailor-fitted to what the client needs.

7. Art of Celebrations

Art of Celebrations

Art of Celebrations is a certified event planning company in Toronto. They are go-to for weddings and social events that require a sophisticated look without coming too far from the warmth and intimacy of a celebration. Their 15 years of experience in the industry will surely not fail you.

8. Fusion Events

Focusing on what they do best, Fusion Events accommodates corporate, social, and even virtual events. Besides events planning and setup, they also have connections with performers that you can include in the program as forms of entertainment.

9. Kauna Events

Kauna Events wowed us with their stunning wedding projects in the past. With their sophisticated touch, it’s not surprising that they can execute a gala event without much fuss. Get in touch with their team and share your dream event so they can help you make it come true.

10. Pink Media

Pink Media Corporate Event Planning & Production Agencies in Toronto

With a number of media and publication partners, Pink Media is a well-affiliated event planning company you can work with in Toronto. They focus on delivering an event setup that fits the client’s concept and also something that creates a positive memory for the guests.

11. Yellow House Events

Focused on creating events and experiences that are remarkable, Yellow House Events take each of their client’s request as a challenge. In line with the client’s vision, they think outside of the box and come up with innovative and creative ways to execute the plan.

12. Debonair Corporate Event

Debonair Corporate Event is another of Toronto’s best gala event planners. They focus on delivering an event that’s close to the vision of the client while also ensuring that all event considerations are settled. They aim to keep their clients as stress-free as possible and not complicate the planning process.

13. Bliss Events

Bliss Toronto Gala Event Planners in Toronto

Bliss Events boast of winning the Prestigious Canadian Event Industry Award for Wedding Planners that work hand-in-hand with their years of experience. Furthermore, the sophisticated execution of their previous events can sure allow potential clients to get a feel of what to expect and see that they’re good at planning gala events.

14. Total Events

Understanding the stress of planning an event alone, Total Events ensure to smoothen the event execution without stressing their clients. They take the lead and come up with a remarkable event that surely aligns with the objective and celebration of a milestone.

15. Alicia Jenelle

With a stunning website, Alicia Jenelle sure can showcase their style in wedding and event execution. Their flair for sophistication and elegance attract clients in the past. Each has put their trust in their team and has been more than happy to recommend them.


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