10 Best Gala Event Planners in Toronto

Planning to host a gala event but don’t have time to spare? There are a bunch of fantastic gala event planners that you can tap within Toronto. Most even have an impressive track record pricing how seasoned they are in the industry. No need to look further because we rounded up the 10 Best Gala Event Planners in Toronto that you can check out and possibly work with.

10 Best Gala Event Planners in Toronto

1. VintageBASH

Housing a wide collection of curated decor and furniture pieces, Vintage Bash also accommodates booking for gala event planners. They were able to work with different events in the past and can surely help you plan how to execute the event you have in mind. Furthermore, their creative team can also recommend which pieces would work well with your event and elevate the whole setup.

2. Wildbash Events

VintageBash near Pickering

Although specializing in weddings, Wildbash Events also accommodates booking for other corporate or social events in the Greater Toronto Area. They help their clients plan and conceptualize how they would want the event to be then their team will work on the details from there. Moreover, their talented team is also well-connected with the event vendors so whatever you need, they can help you connect with these suppliers as well.

3. WPI Events

Host the gala of the season with WPI Events. They specialize in various types of social events with expertise in gala events too. Upon onboarding and initial discussion, they already settle on what the event’s objective is. Most galas are intended to drive or help a cause so it’ll be best to align every detail in regards to that. They’ll take charge of the steps moving forward once that is cleared up.

4. Fusion Events

More than sticking to the traditional event concepts, Fusion Events encourages the game-changers to make a difference and stand out. As an event planners, they handle various events that range from weddings to grand social events like galas. What’s even more interesting is they can also help you with entertainment and program planning which is a common pain point for most hosts.

5. Art of Celebration

art of celebrations gala event

Art of Celebration wows us with its flair for luxury and sophistication. They are one of the best gala event planners in Toronto because they understood that impression and details matter. Furthermore, they also have an impressive two-decade-long track record in planning events within the Greater Toronto Area. With that in mind, you’re in great hands if you work with them.

6. Debonair Corporate Events

Leaning towards executing corporate events, Debonair knows best in terms of social get together. They understand how these events are held with an objective and mind so they ensure to discuss this with the client before getting started with the planning. Every step of the way, they make sure to deliver a fantastic setup and program that everyone would remember for quite some time.

7. Pop Events

pop events group gala toronto

One of Toronto’s best event planners since 2005, Pop Events helped successful events that range from corporate, and fundraising, to even social events. With the client’s objective in mind, they make use of all resources available including people in creating a holistic event with various touchpoints tapped. This helps leave a remarkable impression on their guest that makes the event even more successful in the long run.

8. Bliss Events

Focusing on aesthetics and people, Bliss Events excels in terms of adding a human touch to events. This helps make even a grand event still feels intimate and personal. Also accepting gala event projects, their team can help in planning and coming up with an event decor that will surely impress your guests. Besides that, they can also help you get started and connect you to other vendors you may need for the program.

9. Yellow House Events

yellow house events gala event planner

Yellow House Events is another gala event planner you can work with within Toronto. They work with various clients and are flexible enough to accommodate different types of events too! From corporate events to social get together, they got your back. Besides this, they are also hands-on in planning so you can rest assured that they got every detail.

10. 1st Call Events

A full-house event planner, 1st Call Events can help you execute the gala you have in mind. They can also help you will staffing, connecting with other vendors, and also hooking you up with entertainers for your event. Furthermore, they can also help you with venue selection and consideration of all possible factors to improve the general experience of their guests.

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