How to Get Married in Toronto During COVID-19


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It’s been a tough year. The pandemic has either changed plans or put them on hold. If you’re a couple that was supposed to wed in 2020 or anytime soon, trust us when we say, we understand the frustration. It’s exhausting to have had to plan everything and then postpone. You might have even rescheduled a couple of times already. We’re here to tell you that love is not canceled. It may not be the wedding you thought you’d have, but it will still be as meaningful.

Following strict health and city guidelines, you can still get married during COVID-19.

Adjusting expectations

Getting married during the pandemic means you would need to downscale your wedding. It would be wise to be updated with Toronto’s changing requirements regarding social gatherings. As of this writing, they allow a maximum of 10 people.

In following these guidelines, a large celebration with friends and family is not possible. If you want to push through, here are some of our recommendations for COVID-19 weddings:

  • Have a civil wedding. They have canceled civic centre wedding chambers because of the pandemic situation. You can, however, have an officiant perform legal wedding rights. Sign the papers and you’re done.
  • Elopement. The marriage act stipulates that there must be at least two witnesses for weddings. Choose two of the most important people in your life and have a wedding officiant perform the ceremony.
  • Intimate wedding. Toronto allows a maximum of ten people for social gatherings. This means seven guests, a wedding officiant, and the two of you. You can have a simple ceremony and choose to still have a quaint celebration after.

Where to Book Your Wedding Officiant in GTA

Here are some reputable companies below that offer wedding officiant services in Ontario:

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Other considerations

Health guidelines. Social distancing and wearing of masks are the basic mandates to follow. Whether it’s a civil wedding, an elopement, or most especially an intimate wedding, you must follow these protocols for the safety of everyone in attendance.

Venue. Opt to get married at home or in a space that has strict safety protocols.

Packages. To lessen the stress of dealing with separate vendors, wedding packages are a good option. Some companies have COVID-19 friendly services and can accommodate the essentials you need for your special day.

Virtual celebration. Regardless of the wedding you choose, you can still have your loved ones celebrate with you through virtual gatherings. You can live stream the ceremony so that friends and family can witness your wedding day.

Bigger celebration later on. There’s nothing better than celebrating love. A time will come when gatherings will be allowed once again. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate your wedding a second time.


We support couples one hundred percent, no matter what your decision is regarding your wedding. If you wish to postpone until you can have your dream celebration, do that. If you want to tie the knot with your beloved, you can still do it with an intimate ceremony. Remember that virtual gatherings are now possible and most importantly, you can always have a second celebration when things are better.

If you are on the cusp of deciding on this important matter, update yourself on Toronto’s regulations on weddings and social gatherings. These websites are good references that include checklists and recommendations.

Love is never canceled, and it only strengthens your relationship to go through this situation together. Your wedding is your own celebration, and it will be just as memorable.


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