10 Gift Ideas for Coaches in Toronto

Show gratitude and let our life cheerleaders feel appreciated with a thoughtful gift. It can be a struggle to find the perfect gift, especially for people who are important to us. Keep it cool and make gift-hunting fun with these amazingly luxurious and thoughtful gift ideas that anyone would love. We shortlisted 10 Gift Ideas for Coaches in this list to search for easier and more fun.

10 Gift Ideas for Coaches in Toronto

1. Kace Catering’s Sweet & Savoury Charcuterie Box

Grazing Box Toronto

Kace Catering remains one of the best catering companies in Toronto that expanded their food selections to cater not only events but also gifts. With their wide collection of gourmet gift selections, it’s no surprise that their Sweet & Savoury Charcuterie Box tops this list. They present it in an appetizing way that’s bursting with colours, textures, and as expected, flavours too. Not only that, but they also ensure to cater to personal dietary restrictions such as vegan, vegetarian, halal, and others. Surely, you can also add on a dedicated driver to have this box delivered on time to the recipient’s door.

2. Floral Bash’s Lush Sweet Treats & Dessert Box


Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, Floral Bash’s Lush Sweet Treats & Dessert Box is love at first sight. They used fresh strawberries and locally sourced fresh ingredients to make this luscious treat box. Each strawberry was dipped into the white or dark melted chocolate. Furthermore, these are detailed with bits of nuts or coloured glaze for a pop of colour and style. Not only that but there is also a bunch of macaroons and sweet treats to enjoy as well. To upgrade, you can add a champagne bottle that complements the sweetness this box brings.

3. Floral Bash’s Hand-Tied Fresh Bouquet

Chic Bouquet, one the stylish flower arrangement Floralbash offers.

For coaches who need a little something to brighten up their day, Floral Bash’s Hand-tied Fresh Bouquet is always a great idea. They have three options you can explore: petite, medium, and large. Furthermore, each has a combination of white roses with a pop of colour with added greeneries. Wrapped in a brown, this adds a more rustic and sustainable appeal to the already natural charm of the blooms. You can also add a personalized note and assign a dedicated driver to have it delivered on time, especially if you’re working with a tight schedule.

4. Kace Catering’s Splendid Premium Tea Time Box

high tea box toronto

If there are coffee lovers, surely there are people who prefer a warm cup of coffee in the afternoon. If that’s your coach, we recommend going for Kace Catering’s Splendid Premium Tea Time Box. This box is perfect for premium high tea experiences that include sandwiches, scones, macarons, and other French pastries. At the same time, there are also a couple of choices for teas that you can select: Green Tea, Chamomile Tea, English Breakfast, or Chai. Opt to also add a dedicated driver to have the box delivered on time.

5. Cocktail Emporium’s Mulled Wine Ingredient Set

Making the festive cheer readily available any time of the year, Cocktail Emporium delivers us their Mulled Wine Ingredient Set. This is great for those who are particular in their drinks but could not go out yet for a night out. In each set, there are David’s Mulling Spice Blend, Split Tree Cranberry Ginger Syrup, B18 Vanilla Fig Bitters, and Dehydrated Orange Wheels. Combining all these should bring you a cocktail drink that’s spicy, citrusy, and all things good.

6. Present Day’s RETREAT Spa Gift Box

Present Day delivers another one of the best gift ideas for coaches in Toronto. Given their busy schedules, our coaches often forget to take great care of themselves too. With that in mind, their RETREAT Spa Gift Box has all things amazing for quick self-care at the comfort of their homes. Each box comes with a scented candle, lip balm, soap, body lotion, sponge, and more. What’s great also with this gift box is all are assured made natural but deliver a luxurious experience.

7. It’s Saul Good’s Feels Like Home Gift Box

it saul goos feels like home

Great as a home warming gift or going away gift, It’s Saul Good sure encapsulated everything to make us feel cosy, warm, and at home wherever we are. Their Feels Like Home Gift Box has a cotton throw blanket, soy wax candle, plum and gin jam, classic earl grey tea, honey, and more. All sure great to keep you comfortable even if you’re far from home.

8. Flower Co’s Savoury Select™ Gourmet Basket

Flower Co‘s crafted their Savoury Select Gourmet Basket to suit sweet treat lovers. More than its innate sweetness, this basket comes in different premium chocolate selections that your coach can keep on their snack every time they need something to brighten up their mood. Besides this, included as well are pretzels, almonds, crackers, and more. This basket can also be perfect if they’re a fan of setting up a grazing box too.

9. Stubbe Toronto’s Stubbe Classic Eighteen Piece Chocolate box

stubbe chocolate eighteen pcs

Elegant chocolate marbles detailed with various intricate detailing, Stubbe Toronto’s Classic Eighteen Piece Chocolate Box is another fantastic gift idea for coaches. These are perfect if they love chocolate and would appreciate something more than the bars from the supermarket. You can also customize each set whether you prefer mixed truffles and bonbons, or opt to all in dark truffles.

10. Bright Basket’s Moscow Pool Time

Bright Basket sure knows how to brighten up someone’s day with their Moscow Pool Time gift box. Bringing a holiday tropical trip vibe, this box contains two lovely pineapple copper shot glasses, palm tree notebooks, a club soda drink, and a W&P Design the Cocktail Carry on Kit for Moscow Mule. Definitely, this is great for someone leaving for a holiday trip.

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