5 Best Grazing Companies for Charcuterie Boards & Grazing Boxes Near Vaughan

Craving for cold cuts and cheese to be paired with your favorite wine?

There’s something about charcuterie boards and grazing boxes that makes you want to celebrate. They’re a feast to the eye, with a fancy arrangement and well-curated ingredients. Think of cold cuts, hard-to-find cheese, fruits, and nuts.

Back in the days, when having wine nights, you have to prepare everything and curate your charcuterie board yourself. While mixing and matching ingredients and finding the best ones to suit your taste (and your choice of wine) sounds fun, it can be a lot of work still especially if you’ve been busy the whole day and just simply want to relax. Luckily today, many grazing companies are offering a taste of their charcuterie boards and grazing tables. You can choose from different sizes that best suit your needs.

Looking to find the best grazing companies around Vaughan? Check below for our recommendations.

1. Kace Catering

This catering company has a good selection of grazing boxes to suit your event’s need. You may order for your intimate celebration, for a huge gathering of friends, or you can order one for yourself to enjoy. Their grazing boxes come in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. It includes a seasonal mix of cheeses, cured meats, nuts, fresh and dried fruit, veggies, sweets, and dips. All boxes come with crackers, breadsticks, or artisan bread. Available by request is their vegan or non-vegan option.

Cheese & Charcuterie Box · Styled Grazing Box

2. FloralBASH

Cheese Charcuterie Grazing Board Vaughan DeliveryBrunch Box Grazing VaughanCharcuterie Board Vaughan
For creative and yummy charcuterie board delivery, FloralBASH is your gal! They offer various grazing boxes including cheese and charcuterie box, brunch boxes, and sweet treat boxes. They’re located in Sheppard & Allen Rd and delivers to Vaughan, Woodbridge, Kleinburg and within the GTA area.


3. The Grazing ACE

This company offers beauty and grace all in one package with its selection of beautifully curated grazing offerings. You can opt for a grazing table with unique ingredients on your next event, you can have a well-arranged monogram graze for smaller parties, get charcuterie boxes for you and your friends, or order single-served charcuterie boxes all for yourself. The Grazing ACE boasts of grazing tables and platters that are assembled with care.

3. Platter This.

This company offers a spumous platter, grazing tables, and even small-sized picnics, anything to fit your event’s need. Platter This is known for its lavish arrangements. Their selection includes meats, a great selection of cheese, assorted bread and crackers, dips, nuts, fruits, chocolates, and more.

4. Olive and Fig.

Olive and Fig offers a chic arrangement for all your grazing needs. Their color combination and selection are worth remembering plus their packages are great too. You can choose to have a complete setup of grazing tables, platters, and grazing boxes. Have a sweet tooth? Try their Sweet Treat Platter filled with all things sweet, minus the meat.

5. Board in the Six.

This grazing company boasts of luxury platters and grazing tables. Their arrangements are grand and they use only the premium fresh produce, artisan cheese, aged meats, combined with a top selection of delights to fill-up the exquisite arrangement. Aside from their grazing tables, platters, and boards, you can also opt to have your Do-It-Yourself or DIY board with the things you preferred. You can make it sweet, meaty, or flavorful.

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