Groom’s Wedding Day Emergency Kit

During the wedding ceremony, all eyes tend to be on the bride. But let’s not forget how grooms also look dashing and beaming as well. While they look more polished and ready more than ever, they are not safe from hitches. That’s why it’s important to have a groom’s wedding day emergency kit.

Many grooms arrive with the essentials on the morning of a wedding such as a tuxedo, wedding bands, even scent, they also have to look at their most dapper shape. However, accidents do happen, even with detailed planning. And like brides preparing for any case of emergency, grooms should have their own stash of must-haves as well. So, in this article, we are going to discuss items that need to be part of a groom’s wedding day emergency kit to ensure a seamless day.

Groom’s Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Canoe Restaurant Wedding Ceremony Groom’s Wedding Day Emergency Kit

1. Sewing Kit

Like brides, grooms are prone to some kind of wardrobe malfunction. While investing in a quality tuxedo can prevent any need for a wardrobe fix, a lot can happen that would cause damage to the suit. Whether it’s a loose button, fit or even destroyed hem, nothing beats coming prepared with a sewing kit. It can easily fix whatever minor wardrobe problem and ensures the celebration continue. Just ensure to pack the kit with basic essentials such as needles, matching thread, scissors or cutter, safety pins, extra buttons, and hem tape.

2. Extra Cuff Links

By making sure you have a great pair of cuff links, you ensure to behold a beautiful wedding ensemble. However, nothing’s for sure when it comes to these little items. For this reason, it’s always best to come prepared. It wouldn’t hurt to bring in extra high-quality cuff links to ensure the picture perfect silhouette is achieved. In addition to that, extra cuff links can be useful for groomsmen as well in case they loose theirs during the ceremony or forgot to bring their own.

3. Stain Removers

Wearing a white tuxedo on your big day? Great choice! But it would be a nightmare to stain this precious apparel with a drop of ketchup, wine spill or anything else imaginable. It could spoil the quality of pictures taken after the incident so it’s best to bring a stain remover. This way, despite an accident, you look dapper throughout the end of the ceremony. Besides, not only can you use this, but also your bride if she’s the one to experience any food or beverage staining her beautiful dress. Even other guests can make use of it if you offer them this essential item.

4. Lint Brush

If you opted for a black tuxedo, you’re not getting away any easier. Instead of stain, you’re prone to gathering white lints and other light colored dirt. While they are easier to resolve, manually dusting your tuxedo off could be a hassle and less dapper looking as you may have to take off your jacket. Fortunately, by bringing a lint brush, you can ask for help and let the helper remove the dirt without a whim.

5. Deodorant

Believe it or not, despite how sure you are with the person you’re going to marry, you will still sweat a lot from the jitters. Although it’s normal, after all, marriage is going to be the biggest change in your life. The sweat is a reaction from your mixed emotions thus, can affect how you smell. Taking this into account, packing a deodorant can prevent you from smelling foul. Besides, you wouldn’t want your future lifetime partner to be greeted with an unpleasant body odor, right?

6. Mint or Breath Fresheners

Love whiskey? Did you drink some before the ceremony? The smell could linger throughout the day unless you brush your teeth again. But during a busy day like a wedding day, brushing your teeth could be the least priority. Grooms likely forgot to do so, so instead, pack a stash of min ot breath fresheners. This way your future spouse will get to kiss lips smelling nice, allowing her to savour your first kiss as a married couple.

7. Dental Floss And Mouthwash

While catering companies generally have toothpicks that can be used as dental floss, they won’t be available until the reception. Besides, it’s normal to be famished during this big day which can lead you to grab a few bites before the actual ceremony. Brushing your teeth is not always an option so when this happens, packing a dental floss can be helpful. After that, you can oral rinse using mouthwash to ensure you’ll have a pleasant first kiss as lifetime partners.

8. Lip Balm

If you’re wedding is set on a winter day, lip balm should be definitely on your emergency kit. With this, you can keep your lips supple and moisturized ready for the magical kiss at the altar.

9. Lotion Or Hand Cream

Set for a dry or wintry wedding day? Packing a lotion and hand cream will be helpful. It will keep your hands moisturized and look good in pictures. Not to mention, how it would be nice to hold for your future spouse.

10. Medication

Nobody wants to experience unexpected health issues on our big day. From an upset stomach to allergy to headaches, these unforeseen issues can put a damper on the groom’s energy and mood. To avoid this from happening, prepare a pain reliever medication, allergy pills and antacid to stop the symptoms.

11. Extra  Socks

Imagine accidentally stepping on a puddle and soaking your socks. It wouldn’t be an enjoyable day if that will happen so packing extra socks according to your tuxedo’s color can save the day. This back up pair can also be used by your groomsmen who are forgetful.

12. Shoe Shine Wipes

Perfectly scuffed shoes complete the dashing groom look. Not to mention, how it can stick out like a sore thumb in wedding photos if it catches dirt. You’ll never know what you’ll be walking on that may affect the polish of your shoes. So to prevent this, pick up a shoe shine kit for the specific color and type of leather you’ll be donning for the wedding day.

13. Band Aid

Paper cut and other small yet painful wounds should not be endured during a special day. They can also lead to infection if mistreated. By bringing and putting band aid to the cut area, you reduce the risk of potential infection. Band aids are also ideal for blisters, especially if you’re using new shoes that tend to be uncomfy for the firs few uses. To ensure your comfort throughout the day, make sure to include band aids for emergency wedding kit.

14. Bug Spray

If you decided to have an outdoor wedding, you have to expect how bugs can be everywhere which can eventually result in having bug bites. Nobody wants to fight off the itch so better come prepared with a bug spray. While your stylist should have this, it wouldn’t hurt to personally pack your own.

15. Comb

Keep your hair clean and polished with a comb ready to remove any strand that sticks out. This item is worthy of a spot in your kit so make sure to not forget it!

16. Hankie

You wouldn’t know how emotional you can get during the ceremony so it’s best to come prepared. Tearing up as your spouse walk down the aisle is no sign of weakness instead, it shows how much love you have for the person! So when you couldn’t hold back the emotions, a hankie can come in handy.


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