Halal food follows a dietary standard that adheres to the Quran’s scriptures. With all the intention and belief behind this, we get how important this is to most people especially Muslims. Since you’re here, we bet that you’re looking for halal charcuterie boards and grazing platters in Toronto. We got you! In here, we rounded up the ten best places for halal charcuterie that are guilt-free and mindful food selections that you can surely enjoy.

Best Halal Charcuterie Boards & Grazing Platters in Toronto

1.Floral Bash

Charcuterie Board

Let’s talk about flowers… and charcuterie boards. Floral Bash offers excellent gift choices that go beyond gorgeous floral arrangements. They also offer charcuterie boards and grazing platters that you can go ahead and customize depending on your dietary preferences. Should you want it halal or vegan, they are indeed flexible.

Besides their artful and delicious charcuterie, they also have grazing platters that are perfect for snacking. Go with fruits or pastries. Another great thing about them is they also deliver anywhere in Toronto and GTA! You can order a box as a surprise or opt to pick it up.

  • website: https://www.floralbash.ca/
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 12, North York, ON M3K1Z9
  • delivery: Toronto and GTA including Downtown Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Yorkmills, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Markham, Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering, King City, Kleinburg, Barrie

2.Grazing  Platters in The 6ix

Want it halal? Grazing Platters in the 6ix got you! They have comprehensive premade grazing platters that you can go ahead and customize according to your preferences. Whether you want it with just fruits and select veggies, or sandwich platters. Indeed an excellent choice for anyone, make sure to book ahead of time as they are often fully booked.

3.Kace Catering

Kace Catering Board

Kace Catering is a crowd-favourite for anything fancy and delicious. They offer curated charcuterie boards that are custom to your set dietary preferences. Focusing on not only the taste, but they also pay attention to a more holistic level that gives importance to their customer’s experience and values too.

Each box comes in several sizes to choose from – be it for just you to enjoy or for a large group of people. With that, you can truly enjoy these delicious and halal grazing platters without compromise. They also deliver anywhere in Toronto and GTA.

  • website: https://www.kacecatering.com/
  • address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W, Unit 12, North York, ON M3K1Z9
  • delivery: Toronto and GTA including Downtown Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Yorkmills, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Markham, Whitby, Oshawa, Pickering, King City, Kleinburg, Barrie

4.The Graze Anatomy

Passionate about taste and presentation, The Graze Anatomy aims to impress and make events even more meaningful. With the owner’s experience in food design for over several years with big food brands, she knows best how to deliver impeccable and halal charcuterie boards. Check out the sizes they have so you can select best what you need for your event. Besides this, they also deliver anywhere in Toronto.

5.Charcuterie Pickering

Charcuterie Pickering

Impressive as always, Charcuterie Pickering serves their very own halal grazing platter. Carefully put together, they mindfully source each component from local farmers and halal-certified suppliers to ensure that they all adhere to the set Islamic law. Further, their team is also helpful in making sure that you, as their customer, get the best experience possible. They even have wine recommendations and more.

6.Graze Box Toronto

Graze Box Toronto delivers bespoke and luxurious grazing boxes for any occasion. You may have it as appetizers or even go grand and gift it. Beyond their appetizing and artful platters, they are also flexible enough to offer different dietary restrictions. Be it gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, or even halal! They got what you need.



Go big with Ortolana‘s expansive grazing tables. They create breathtaking and huge charcuterie boards that are perfect for social events and weddings. Lush and luxurious, these also taste as good as it looks. Besides their promising service and flair for aesthetics, they are also mindful of dietary restrictions that you can go ahead and request to have a halal charcuterie board. As much as they can, they’ll accommodate your request happily.

8.The Plattering Co.

One word: Fancy! The Plattering Co. curates one of the prettiest and appetizing grazing tables ever. Go ahead and check out how they deliberately put together various food selections together – coming in various colours, textures, and tastes. But if you aren’t looking for something lavish, they can still cater to you with their special charcuterie boards. Have it adjusted to your dietary preference if you may. It never hurts to ask, anyway. They also offer free delivery anywhere in GTA for orders above $120!

9.Olive & Fig

Olive & Fig Halal Charcuterie Boards

Run by Olivia, Olive & Fig is conceived from her innate love for cheese, cured meat, and bringing people together. With her background growing up in a Greek family, their staples are bread, cheese, and olives for every meal. From there, she incorporated this with creativity in each of her client’s requests. The company is now one of the go-to for anything charcuterie. They even went further and offer vegan, vegetarian, and possibly, halal grazing platters.

10.Graze + Glory

Graze + Glory proves that a yummy grazing platter doesn’t need to come with pork or anything not halal. Their team is flexible to cater to certain dietary restrictions and ensure to deliver you the best possible experience for any event. Choose between their charcuterie boxes that come in different concepts and sizes. Moreover, you can go beyond their premade boxes and custom your halal grazing platter.

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