With the virus escalating, people worldwide are suggested to stay indoors to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. If you live with kids or watch over young ones, here is a list of activities to do as you enjoy your time indoors.eb8ba378d0b4fdd2e7fc73ff92e087cd Home During Coronavirus: Indoor Activities for Kids

  1. Write a Story Book: Have your kids create their own storybook. It can be one page or a few pages. Ask them to draw a picture that would best represent their story. If your kid isn’t mature enough, write the story for them but ask them for the storyline and the characters they want to include.
  2. Set-up a Shop of Your Own: Kids love taking on different roles. Ask your kid what they would like to be today- whether its a chef, hairstylist, scientist, athlete, or anything their mind desires. If you have girls, create your very own salon in your living room or bed room by gathering dolls and creating a line up. They can pretend to do their doll’s hairs or makeup. For boys, set-up a pretend kitchen where they either take the role of the chef, customer, or a server.
  3. Bake: Instead of giving your kids ready-made snacks, how about creating them instead? You can ask your kid to help you by measuring ingredients, stirring the mix, or placing them in their appropriate containers before putting them in the oven.
  4. Tea Party: Have a tea party with their dolls, toys and yourself! Gather any toy cups you have (or real tea cups if you dare!) and create a setting that imitates a tea party. An extra activity is creating tea hats with them beforehand and then wearing it to the party.IMG 9056 e1584378852598 Home During Coronavirus: Indoor Activities for Kids
  5. Paint Party: Grab some paint and let your imagination take control. Creative tip- you can provide your kids with paper or construction paper but if you have an old furniture, try allowing them to paint it freely.
  6. Explore Your Backyard: Although this idea is not entirely indoor, it still wouldn’t expose your kids to a public crowd. Take them to your backyard or patio and try kicking around a ball or even playing a soccer game. If you don’t have any outdoor activity, gather some rocks and draw any character on them. Make sure your kids don’t touch their face to avoid contracting the virus.
  7. Have a Movie Marathon: Pick a movie or three and watch them with some popcorn. However, keep in mind the recommended screen time for certain age groups.
  8. Play Some Group Games: Have any boardgames laying around? Play some games as if you were throwing a party and offer a small prize for winners. You can try to look for interactive apps if you don’t have any boardgames. Old school party games such as charades are also a fantastic idea!
  9. Arts & Crafts: You can never go wrong with a good arts and crafts activity. Gather some tools and art supplies then ask your kid what they would like to create. If their mind draws blank, suggest writing a letter to a family member or their best friend, creating their own jewelry, exploring origami or cutting out their first letter initial and decorating it however they like.
  10. House Chores: Just give it a try! Some kids love helping out with chores. Whether it be doing the dishes or sweeping the common area, these chores can be fun for some. If they need a little push, try to offer them a yummy treat for completing a task. Even wiping down big toys or organizing their toy collection can be joyful.
  11. Play Learning Games: Use this time to play some educational games. You can try to be creative and make a game out of a quiz. One example would be shoot in a cup and answer the question inside. You can make it a fill in the lines spelling question, a general oral health hygiene question or even a math question!

We hope this list was helpful and that you’re able to try at least one of the activities listed. We wish you safety and good health at this worrying time.

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