Home staging is more than just putting a paint color on the wall and arranging furniture and decor. It is a redefining element in the real estate industry that lets potential buyers envision themselves living in the space. Highlighting the most desirable features of the property and blending it flawlessly with other home staging decors will surely create a harmony that can lead to a successful sale.

Home staging services create appeal to buyers leading the property to be off the market in just a matter of time and way above the asking price. We have rounded up home staging companies that can help you sell your property.

1. Glow Staging

Glow StagingCreate a lasting impact that would make potential buyers gush into purchasing the property! Glow Staging offers a full range of decor and styling services across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. From the moment prospective buyers step into the property or had a glimpse through a virtual tour, we’re confident to say that any property styled by this company will be sold in no time. Taking pride in the amount of attention to detail and artistic eye this company pours in every project they handle will surely make you come back for more.

2. VintageBash

VintageBash, home staging decors and rentals

Whether you’re a realtor or a homeowner, you can’t go wrong with the aesthetic mastery of VintageBash. This company is known to be an event stylist so you’re sure to expect staging that creates that phenomenal first impression. Offering their creativity and eye for design, they will surely present you with home staging decors that can work within your budget while giving the most exquisite look. So if you want a perfect blend of aesthetics and great workmanship, this company is for you.

3. Details Staging + Design

DETAILS STAGING + DESIGNMaximize your property’s potential! Let Detail Staging push it into its ultimate level of attractiveness! This company has mastered everything about interior and home staging decors. Blending dimensions and textures that pull clients into imagining themselves working and living in the space. Be it a home property you’re planning to list or a bare condominium unit, they can surely transform it. With their great talent, you can expect the property to spend less time in the market. You’re just a few clicks away from selling that real estate, visit their website now!

4. Opulence Staging & Design

Opulence Staging & DesignIt doesn’t matter if you are planning to sell your home or just want to redecorate it. After all, it’s one of your most prized possessions where you and your family spend time together! Opulence Staging and Design will be there to help you along the way whether you want to sell it or give it a makeover. This company will guarantee to create the most appealing design that would make you say “I never want to leave” or buyers say “I want to live in this space”. Ready for the journey? Stop by their website today!

5. StagingWorks: Professional Toronto Home Staging Services

StagingWorks, providing home staging decorsTargeting the high-net-worth clients?  StagingWorks can handle it without a fuss! This company takes pride in flawlessly incorporating luxury statement pieces with other design elements. As a result, the space looks incredibly breathtaking! Whether it’s a vintage Victorian home staging decor or a modern minimalist opulence, they got your back. They make this possible through their strategic planning that focuses on highlighting features of property and deviating from features that don’t matter. Want to know more about them? Check out their website to get in touch!

6. A Lady’s Touch Inc

A Lady's Touch IncGot a breathtaking view of Toronto’s skyline? A Lady’s Touch Inc. will put together a design that will go cohesively with the overall location! Farah, the owner has the most natural talent in design and style. A space arranged by this boss babe will shine even through photographs and even online tours. They have a wide array of home staging decors and ideas that can add value to your property and can pave the way to a faster sale. Spaces she decorated and styled either went off the market quickly or way beyond its asking price! We know you’re thrilled to start, so rush to her website now!

  • website: www.ladystouch.ca
  • address: 125 Brisbane Rd, North York, ON M3J 2K3, Canada

7. Design to Impress

Design to ImpressWhen functionality meets beauty, Design to Impress comes into mind. This company is owned by Molly who uses home staging decors that are sure to captivate your target audience. Whether it’s a challenging-shaped loft or a family home, she will surely impress her way to you and your clients’ hearts! If you’re a homeowner who just wants to redecorate your property, she will make use of your existing furniture and combine it with new ones. With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, this company uses a signature personal touch that’s why every space created by them speaks through a client’s heart.

8. Stage Right Home

Stage Right HomeLooking for perfection that goes beyond the corners? Stage Right Home is the company for you! This highly skilled and talented company will bring the whole process of decorating, furnishing, and eventually, selling your property to a flawless and painless experience! If you’re a homeowner who wants a makeover, this company will make sure that your space transpires your taste, personality, and lifestyle. Realtors can also count on them as they will create designs that will trigger your potential buyers’ imagination. As a result, the home staging decors that goes into your property

9. The Design District Limited

The Design District Limited, offering home staging decors Want to make sure your property sells not lower than its asking price? The Design District Limited can not only make that happen, they might make it go beyond your asking price! This team of equally artistic and passionate individuals will showcase the property’s ultimate potential with its cutting-edge service and home staging decors. Creating designs that will sell your property faster and stand out from your competition. They have mastered the art of leading you to focus on perfection and distracting from the faulty elements of the property. So if you’re ready to get started, click their website below.

10. The Next Stage Limited

The Next Stage Limited, home staging decors and suppliesCozy, chic, minimalist, or bespoke designs – name it! The Next Stage can do it for you. Whether you want a beautifully decorated canvass for the new chapter of your life or you’re planning to list your home, this company will adhere to anything that is best for you and your property. Real estate agents can also count on them as they put together home staging decors with mastery, enabling clients to picture themselves on the property. While homeowners have nothing to worry about losing the character and memories embedded on their property. So if you’re selling or getting a makeover that got your back.

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