Honeymoon in an Arabian Fairy Tale: Advice for Newlyweds

image 3 Honeymoon in an Arabian Fairy Tale: Advice for Newlyweds


Embarking on a journey of love and togetherness, your honeymoon marks the beginning of a magical chapter in your life. What better way to begin this extraordinary adventure than in the enchanting landscapes of an Arabian tale? From golden deserts to azure waters, the Middle East offers a honeymoon like no other – the perfect combination of luxury, culture, and romance.

In this article, we will tell you some tips on what to do before going on your honeymoon. We will give you valuable tips, advice, and ideas to help you create unforgettable moments during your honeymoon in the UAE.

Car rent

We put car rental first. Next, we will tell you why. By renting a car from one of the most popular rental companies, you guarantee yourself a comfortable vacation for two. You can view car models such as Ferrari at renty.ae/brands/ferrari. After all, this is what a honeymoon is designed for, to spend a little more time just the two of you until you dive back into work. Renting a car will allow you not to travel with crowds of tourists on buses and choose only those places that you want to visit.

Is a rehearsal necessary?

Before planning your honeymoon, you should get to know each other better. The fact is that usually in a non-standard environment, away from problems, fuss, relatives, and friends, a person opens up in a completely new way and this may not always please the other half.

The bride planned to travel all over Dubai in a rented Ferrari, and the newly-made husband absolutely does not want to stray far from the massage parlor. He is attracted to diving or surfing, but she is afraid of water and instantly burns in the sun.

To avoid unexpected conflict, we recommend holding a honeymoon rehearsal before the wedding.

This could be a weekend trip out of town or a holiday trip to a neighboring city. It is important that only two people participate in it. A family trip or a friendly hike is a completely different matter. The purpose of your trip is to get to know each other outside of your usual environment.

Plan together

Often in couples, one person is responsible for organizing the trip: looking for air tickets, choosing accommodation, and creating the ideal route. From such a pilgrimage on the Internet, he may return to a different person – so exhausted that he no longer wants to fly anywhere.

Share all responsibilities and do not forget to consult with each other. Make a to-do list and indicate who is responsible for what.

Send your phone flying

Even George R.R. Martin doesn’t kill off his characters as quickly as social media notifications kill off the romance. You’re unlikely to be able to avoid taking your phone with you at all, but at least give it a vacation: switch it to airplane mode and use it only for selfies in Dubai with Burj Halef. If separation becomes too painful, agree to wake up your phone at the same time – for example, half an hour in the morning and evening to check email and social networks.

Get to know the city from all sides

Visiting one city does not mean living in one place. Divide your vacation into three parts and make them as different from each other as possible. To begin with, you can stay in a hostel to make friends there from all over the world, throw a couple of parties and just feel young. Then rent a room or apartment: learn how the locals live, try home-cooked food, and get to know your neighbors. Well, at the end of the trip, you can treat yourself to at least one night in a five-star hotel. Seeing the world is always great, but looking at it from the window of a suite on the 77th floor is even better.


The romance of the first travels together will not be ruined by either cold coffee for breakfast or sights under restoration. We hope that this article will be useful to you and your honeymoon will be even more colorful.

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