Hotels are always a good option for weddings and Hotel X knows that. They have a wide selection of event areas where the couple can explore different accommodation sizes and setups. Furthermore, indoor and outdoor areas are available and may fit different concepts for a wedding. You may opt for the indoor ballroom with floor-to-ceiling glass windows with an overlooking view of the cityscape or opt for an outdoor rooftop wedding with a casual and scenic experience for everyone on your big day.

More than the facilities included in the packages they offer, the ballrooms and gallery they offer for rent all look fantastic even when bare. We can step in and help you set up a fantastic wedding floral setup and decorations to maximize the potential of the space and elevate it further to fit what your dream wedding is like.

Hotel X: Fantastic Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

Geometrical elements can be implemented on the whole concept to fit the structured lines from the venue itself. Flowers may be added cascading on metal arches or columns. At the same time, candles and other decorations may also be used as accents on the tables. As for the colours, you can play around with bright-coloured drapings that can surely pop out and keep the guests interested.

Whatever concept you have in mind, don’t hesitate to touch base and let us know. We can help you bring your vision to life and have the best wedding you truly deserve.

Let’s get to planning!


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