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  • White Cherry Blossom Centrepiecewhite blossom decor one king west hotel

    Dulce White Cherry Blossoms Silk Centrepiece


    Each centrepiece includes 15 stems of blossoms.

    Want to have everything set, including the flowers, days before the event? These silk flowers are the way to go!

    Natural-looking but non-wilting, this white cherry blossom centrepiece offers you a fuss-free way to meet your decoration needs. Set it up the night before or earlier, so you’ll never have to worry about your silk blossoms losing their ‘freshness’.

    And coming with a tall vase of the colour of your choice, your flower decoration needs have just been conveniently covered for you.

    Product size: 23″-24″ tall (vase), 42″-48″ tall (total setup)

  • Amanda Gold Lantern Greenery Centrepiece


    centerpiece arrangement only; table number is rented separately

  • Vintage Pink Goblet


    Raise your glass with our Vintage Pink Goblet, adding a touch of feminine grace to your sipping ritual. Its soft pink color and ornate detailing make it a charming addition to any occasion, be it a cozy dinner or a vintage-inspired soirée. Sip in style and let the pink vibes flow!

  • Celine Geometric Gold Centrepiece


    Easily add a touch of glam to your rustic decors with the Celine Geometric Gold Centrepiece.Featuring a wooden base and green foliage ensemble inflected by golden leaves and a geometric frame, the centerpiece is sweetness and sophistication all at once! And with a string of fairy lights binding the elements together, it throws in some magic and romance in the air, too. Simple yet chic, the centrepiece is perfect for intimate celebrations that are truly special.

  • Amber Vintage Goblet


    Sip your favorite beverages in style with our Amber Vintage Goblet. Its rich amber hue and intricate design make it an absolute standout in your glassware collection. Whether you’re sipping on vintage cocktails or modern concoctions, this goblet adds a touch of vintage glam to your sipping experience. Cheers to good taste!

  • Wreath Centrepiece

    Christmas Berry Wreath Centrepiece


    Christmas is a joyous season that comes with some stress of its own… If you’re all for stress-free decorating that fetches you no less than lovely results, the Christmas Berry Wreath Centerpiece is worth adding to your arsenal!

    A wreath of red berries, pine needles, and some golden leaves does a great job in ringing in Christmas cheer. Simply lay the wreath on the table, decorate with a pillar candle and/or a terrarium, and you’ve got your table centrepiece taken care of in under a minute.

    Make this lovely and nifty Christmas wreath yours today!

    Pricing includes mismatched terrariums & LED candles.