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  • Onie White Chalkboard


    Don’t want to spend a few more bucks on menu printing? Write down the night’s food or bar options on a chalkboard, instead! You can use the rest of your budget for other things (like renting our items…) and you won’t get stuck with a load of menus afterwards. You can also use our Onie White Chalkboard to welcome your guests or inform them of your event’s details.

    Calligraphy is not included in the pricing.

    The whole dimension is 19″L x 38″H. The chalkboard part is 14.5″ L x 30″ H.

  • Medium White Chalkboard

    Ova Medium White Chalkboard


    If our large chalkboards are a bit too long or too wide, our medium-sized ones may be more suited to your taste. The Ova Medium White Chalkboard has a smaller difference between its ratio and proportions, making it more square than it is rectangular. Its size makes it a perfect signboard for welcoming your guests, presenting party favors, or indicating the gift table. It features a simple white frame with embossed details.

    Calligraphy is not included in the pricing.

  • Large Freestand White Chalkboarc

    Olivia Large Freestanding White Chalkboard


    Forget about menu printing and save yourself a few bucks by renting our Olivia Large Freestanding White Chalkboard, instead. You can easily write down the event’s food and bar options on it and not have to worry about what to do with dozens of menu cards afterward. You can also use it as a welcome sign to hold a short message or the event’s details for your guests to read upon their arrival. If your venue will consist of several sections, you can also use the chalkboard to indicate which is where. This is now painted in GOLD.

    Calligraphy is not included in the pricing.

  • Rustic Chalkboard For Rent

    Patricia Rustic Chalkboard


    Avoid tacky last-minute printed out signs by renting our Rustic Chalkboard. It is a simple item for you to showcase your creativity. You can use them for short messages and information or even use them for your games. The possibilities are endless!

    Calligraphy is not included in the pricing.