Flower Vase

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  • Estella Maven Gold Vase


    Achieve a modern look with our Estella Maven Gold Vase. It features a geometric design and comes in a metallic gold color. You can use it to hold long-stemmed floral arrangements. We recommend using soft or pastel-colored flowers to serve as a nice contrast to the vase. For a whimsical look, you can surround it with string lights or tea light candles.

    Comes with 2 sizes:
    4″ x 8″
    3″ x 11″

  • Colette Gold Vase


    Give your pastel-colored floral arrangements a nice twist by putting them in our Colette Gold Vases. Each piece features a metallic gold finish guaranteed to bring your tables an adequate amount of sophistication and elegance. It is not too big that it will steal the show from your other decorations but comes in just the right size to make a statement.